Gossip: Rita Ora and Drake Dating On The Low?

Gossip: Rita Ora and Drake Dating On The Low?


Drake and Rita OraEveryone seems to think Drake and Rita Ora, Jay-Z‘s newest Roc Nation protegé, are now dating according to many online publications. Rita Ora, was linked to be dating reality star Rob Kardashian, but the couple is no longer together. Insiders say that Drake and Rita have been flirting with each other a lot, and also Rita Ora gave Drake a ring that belonged to her grandfather.

Drake and Rita were spotted leaving an event a couple nights ago in the picture above. Enough to say their dating? Not so sure, what’s your opinion?

  • vavavoom415

    they better not be, he’s mine!

  • 20love??

    he’s not she give him the ring yes but just as a friend and 
    she better not he’s mine!!

  • Sandi0612

    just cuz there spotted together doesnt mean anything cant guys and girls be friends with a lil flirting and not be together good gracious!!!!!

    • aaliyah

      Amen girl, im friends with alot of guys and im not dating them ,so the newsbmedia really really really needs to stop lying about what celbs are doing these days.

  • Harperdj83

    What girl wouldn’t want Drake? No homo.

    • Karenmitch27

      exactly because deep down inside of drake he really and truly loves aaliyah the singer.

      • Harperdj83

        yeah…i think

      • Harperdj83

        follow me please (@YLQC_allday)

      • RIP Aaliyah <3

        yeah but the thing is Aaliyah is dead, and she was much older than him anyway, i bet she was more of a crush at  young age

  • Tony

    She’s hot! I’d try to date her.lol

  • Swimmindude06

    ily drake , guess they would make a cute couple

  • aww there soooo cute together!! hottys

  • Drakes#1Fan<3

    Yeah he even said in his interview with Tim Westwood that they are good friends she’s kinda like his sister. Plus shes beautiful but if she is dating him I’ll mess up that pretty little face of hers.

    • MiaLovesDrake

       Lovin this comment but im his number one fan..

  • Nan89

    don´t know if they´re dating… buy OMG!!!! Love the smile that Drake has in the first picture!!! He´s so damn sexy!!!!!!

  • Ninjabarbieminaj94

    It really makes me laugh that when a man and woman celebrity are spotted together all of a sudden they are dating……and in case you didnt realise have you seen Drake when it comes to woman?? He flirts with everyone and i dont think he does it on purpose thats just his personality towards woman. Last week it was Drake and Rihanna dating…..few months a ago Drake and Nicki were dating…..when its the wireless festival everyone will be saying Drake and Nicki are dating again simply because they are gonna hang our probably…..arrrhhhh the media really does piss me of with all their little rumours. If they are dating then good for them if they aint then awesome they are good friends what’s the big deal?? And seriously i think he more belongs with Nicki because they are just super adorable together and he has always said that Nicki is his favourite girl and he will always love her no matter what but obviously he cant keep waiting around for her but i really do hope one day she notices how much he cares about her so they can be together :) Sorry for ranting on its just really starting to do my head in seeing all these different woman that Drake is supposedly dating…just leave him alone and let him be him….if he wants to date then good for him but i will just say this now if i find out a bitch hurts him imma have to hurt her because cummon he is sexy as how could any woman not want him?? I like to think of him as the husband in my head haha :) Muuuaaahhh…..(xx) *Barbiee loveagee* (xx)

    • april

      yes girl everything you said in your writing was so true. You really know what your talking about especially the last part about “if a bitch wants to hurt him then ima have to hurt her” in a relationship you absolutely should NOT be with someone and then hurt there feelings that’s just wrong.

  • Dudukeetile

    smdh…drake is single!
     there i someone calling himself Aubrey Graham in facebook, claims to be the real Drake and wants us to have fun on his page and just feel free to say and ask whatever, im septical about it but sooo want it to be true coz he accepted my friend request. could it be true though? i love this guy so much ima be hurt if some lonely dickhead set up a fake account pretending to be him

  • Tinaa Lemus

    -Oh Wow. People Go Out Just As Friends Allllll The Time. No Need To Get All Suspicious Just Because They Are Hugging & Whatnot. Buht Hey, If They Are, Does Iht Matter? Nope, Because Ihts THEIR Business. <3 Let Them Be & Fall Bahk, C:

  • I Dislike Her She’s Like The Knock Off Rihanna To Me ..Their Can Only Be One Rih Rih

  • Genesis Rodriguez58

    Its not bad if to Friends) are going out and have a little (DINNER) And drake can do what ever he wants to doo!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • viennavienna

    I could see it, she’s almost identical to Rihanna! but who knows, it seems like no one can ever bee friends in the music industry, let them have fun

  • There’s no way she’s dating him without my permission.

  • David_cruz1388

    get chu some drizzy

  • Leezy_msn

    Drake’s fucking amazing, yeah that’s all really ;o 

  • from B. to the world

    they could just be fucking, doesnt mean theyre dating

  • Ton_gause


  • Madisonwhite28

    lucky ass girl <3 (;

  • they are so cute together idgaf <3