Drake Kisses Rihanna While Nicki Minaj Throws Shade

Drake Kisses Rihanna While Nicki Minaj Throws Shade


Last night at the MTV VMAs Drake and Rihanna shared a kiss that lit the world on fire. We’ve all been watching this undercover couple for years, and wondering if they were ever going to take it public.

Rihanna received the Video Vanguard award last night at the VMAs, and Drake was the one to present it to her.


During his speech at the presentation Drake announced that he has been in love with Rhi Rhi since he was 22 years old.

Nicki Minaj Drake Speech

The whole audience, and the internet, completely flipped at this information because we have been waiting on it for so long. Then to make it even more exciting, Drake kissed Rihanna as she accepted her award. Through this lovefest there was one person that wasn’t thrilled to hear the news, and that was Nicki Minaj.


Drake and Meek Mill have had beef for the last several months and this situation is just going to add fuel to the fire. Already, at after parties last night, artists are showing their loyalties and Chris Brown was photographed with Mill. This situation is going to really spin out of control over the next few weeks.

Meek Mill

Nobody understands Minaj’s jealousy, but if Drake and Rhi Rhi get engaged, does that meant that Minaj and Mill will walk down the aisle first? No matter what happens between these love birds, the world supports a Drake and Rihanna wedding, even if Minaj doesn’t. Don’t worry Nicki you have Mill, and you shouldn’t be worried about Drake.