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Is Drake Dating Video Girl Sophia Marie Now?

So if your an avid reader here you already know of our highly popular 10 Girls Drake Allegedly Dated, well rumors have been resurfacing of one of the girls that were apart of that list… Sophia Marie, video girl featured last year’s “Best I Ever Had” video.

According to Bossip’s source who was on the set of Drizzy’s “So Kodak” campaign shoot:

Drake’s got a new girlfriend that he’s been keeping by his side at all times even when he works. Her name is Sophia Marie and I was on set when he was shooting for his new Kodak commercial and she was also in it. The director told me that he demanded she be a part of his video and he did not want to use the model that was chosen for him.

Interesting, not so sure how true this can be, but Drizzy did post a tweet last night saying the following:

Here’s a picture below of Drake and Sophia Marie on the set of the “So Kodak” campaign. What do you think? She’s definitely pretty cute.