What Race Are Drake’s Parents?

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as the Canadian rapper Drake, has parents who are different races. Drake’s mother has Jewish and Canadian heritage and she is white, while his father is African American who comes from Memphis, Tennessee in the USA. Drake has a mixed racial background because his parents are different races. Many people do not realize that Drake was raised mostly by his white Jewish mother. The rapper had a Bar Mitzvah and he went to a Jewish school as a child.

Drake’s parents divorced when the singer was only 5 years old, and Drake grew up in a Toronto home with his mother. As a child Drake lived in a Forest Hills neighborhood that was seen as a wealthy part of the city.  Forest Hill Collegiate Institute is where Drake went to high school, but he didn’t graduate from high school because he followed his passion for acting. Typically Drake spent each summer with his African American dad in Memphis, Tennessee. One of the most inspiring quotes from Drake shows how his parents divorce affected him, with the rapper stating “I had to become a man very quickly and be the backbone for a woman who I love with all my heart, my mother.”