On The Set Of Meek Mill Featuring Drake Amen Video Shoot

Meek Mill and Drake started shooting for Meek’s hot track “Amen” part of his mixtape Dreamchasers 2. They shot some of the footage in Philly last night and today, but they will be shooting in Miami at club LIV as well. We will update this post with more photos as they come in.

  • If I could say something to Drake and know he’d read it, I wouldn’t know that to say because I don’t know him. I could say the obvious and compliment him on his music, but I’m sure that’s a compliment he hears so very often. I’d tell him that I’d enjoyed watching him on Degrassi, but yet again, I’d be in line with all the other people. So, instead of saying “OMG I LOVE YOU!” to a guy I don’t even know, I’d like to say that I like your shirt (to make things random and awkward because I’m that kind of person), then I’d ask how your day was because a lot of people don’t know the meaning of a true southern greeting, and then tell you that I’m happy you got to meet me, because meeting a famous person is amazing but meeting me is a one in a billion chance. How much more special can something like that get? You wanting to meet me is like you trying to remember a person you never met. – channaloves95@gmail.com