J. Cole Brings Out Drake in Toronto

J. Cole Brings Out Drake in Toronto [photos/video]


Last night J. Cole performed his first show at the Sound Academy in Toronto, Canada. You already know who made a special guest appearance, none other than Drake! They performed “In The Morning” for the first time ever. The crowd couldn’t get enough of Drake to where he also performed a verse from “Up All Night”. This event was extremely hype. Photos are courtesy of Karla Moy. Check out the video and the amazing photos. Photos after the jump.

  • Drake iz da best how many ppl yu kno just come n da rap business an haz all dat fame. he wuz ratd numba 7 on da top 10greatest rappers of da 20th century.

  • Crystal

    Ughhh! I’m sooo mad I didn’t go! I wanted to go but had no one to go with at the time. I should’ve known Drake would make an appearance…I’m mad as hell lol. -_-

  • Drake killed that song.

  • DJ Frosty

    I’m tellin u if u in Toronto and you going to an artist that affiliates wit drizzy u best believe u goin see drake no doubt!!!!!!

  • Those are great captions of the concert, I really admire your work with light Miss Karla Moy ! It takes a lot of shots to shoot few good ones of the concert and I have to say I like these very much, the atmosphere of black and white ones especially make them very pleasant to look at !