Drake’s Set List & OVOXO Merchandise

Drake’s Set List & OVOXO Merchandise


If you have already bought your ticket and can’t wait to know what’s probably gonna go down at the Club Paradise Tour, your in luck. Check out Drake‘s show set list a long with all the awesome OVO Merchandise you can purchase when you attend a Club Paradise Tour! These pictures were taken at the Bank Atlantic concert. So if you’ve been dying to get your hands on some OVO merchandise purchase your tickets today!

  • Don

    All the merchandise is womens merchandise, couldn’t make it more obvious that Drake raps for the women now… smh.

    • JadaLuvzDrake

      Haha There Are Some Men Merchandise Ive Found Alot Lol

  • Ohhh shiiiiitttt I want the TAKE CARE shirt…

  • Qwe_poi

    see ya in sweden man!

  • Danie

    cant wait to see ya in austin man!! drivin from the H and soo ready to get it!!! 

  • Wait since I missed getting that shirt in Tally lastnight I can’t get it offline ??

  • Kcavaliere2

    drakes merchandise is theshit, a little expensive but it still rules

  • Aubey Graham

    drake need to com back to new orleans , & where can i buy this merchadise from?

  • Caylee

    where can I purchase these shirts? I went to the concert and my shirt ended up getting stolen -_-