DrakeCare: Fans Rush To The Stores To Purchase Take Care (Photos)

DrakeCare: Fans Rush To The Stores To Purchase Take Care (Photos)


Today is the official release of Drake‘s Take Care album, and Drake’s numbers for his sophomore album are looking pretty good so far. Hundreds of fans rushed to the nearest HMV, Best Buy, or even Amazon from their desktop to purchase the highly anticipated album. We asked fans to send in a photo of their copy, and the pictures just keep pouring in hourly. Check out #TeamDrizzy and #TeamDrake fans photos below.

  • DrakeCare

    how do you enter a picture?

  • Pesancio


  • Truth


  • timtamx

    So jealous of all you guys!! Have to wait till Friday for Australia :(

  • Nestlelopez

    When are you guys going to update it ? I submitted a photo and been refreshing this page .

  • Alessandra Thompson

    I got mine before I even went to school today! (:

  • jackie

    i loooooveeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wasn’t there supposed to be a birthday version of Take Care also? What happened to that?

    • TakeCare

      it wasnt released on his bday… that was the original plan before it got pushed back

  • nana

    is it out in australia?

  • Mancraze34

    yall got black and gol ymcmb shirts with the album, or im just losing it

  • harbin

    suppoting art…I live in China, noy buying from here for obvious reasons. supporting art..I’m gonna order it, ‘coz Drake deserves it’

  • JoeCur

    I bought 30 copies for all my folks. It’s official…OVOXO!

  • Penauriel

    OVOXO ;) 

  • Mike Drizzy

    I sent my pic where it at:
    i bought 100 copies for Drake I be there one day Im workin hard on my music

  • im the last one in the 3rd row!!!!!

    • teeeeCROW.

      ayeeee dooeeee (: