Drake Vegas Performance Photos/Footage 2012

Drake Vegas Performance Photos/Footage 2012


Earlier we posted some of the footage of Drake‘s performance in Las Vegas New Year’s Day. Here’s some more footage and photos of the amazing event. OVOXO

Photos courtesy of Terra

  • Cfilm20

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  • Drizzy Hendrix

    They had hella energy on this shit

  • drizzydrakesluhhver

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  • Hoetrick

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    • Dom

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  • Green-15

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  • Tony

    Drake can fight though, for real.You gotta see that video on Youtube with him boxing around with Niko, his friend.That nigga was hitting around with Niko hard as hell, imagine what’d he’d do to any of you dipscrew haters.But forget that, Drake>>>Any of you haters!

  • Blikyah

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