Drake Spotted Shopping In L.A.’s Calabasas

Drake was spotted in Los Angeles doing some shopping at Calabasas. Check out some of the photos after the jump.

  • Tony

    Damn, Drake looks like he has been putting on a few pounds or so.I guess the holidays have been getting to him.Speaking of holidays, maybe Drake should give the fans a late Christmas present, with a new track, maybe a track that’s similar in comparison to “Dreams Money Can Buy” but that’s just me.

    • drakes not fat ur fat, u fat asshole shit head he is a god how dare u call him fat, i should come find u and beat ur ass and kill u , but really just beat the shit out of u

      • Tony

        I was joking about that though, lol.I didn’t mean he was fat, I meant he was gaining weight.I in no way, shape, or form said he was “fat” I just said putting on a few pounds.lol, besides, i’m a Drake fan myself, so don’t bash me, haha.I’ve heard everything from him, including Room for Improvement & Comeback Season.

      • Mrs. Bosby

        Threatening to kill someone online is not the smartest thing I’ve seen. Wow! Tony I understand what you’re referring to. I think he looks good regardless. His weight has nothing to do with our love for him our his talent.