Drake Spotted In Toronto In Purple Denim (Photos)

Drake Spotted In Toronto In Purple Denim (Photos)


Drake was spotted with Future carrying out some take out food in Toronto. Check out the photos below of the two and also check out Drake’s purple pants.

  • Ima be there!! Ashton…. remember the name:

  • My name is Drake and i have on purple pants….What nigga?…Wtf are you lookin at?…yes bitch there purple…why would i put a gold owl on the ass?….u know what u know what…ima just change, the fans cant handle this type of swagg….

    • Wearing purple is an affirmation that Drake will not be typecast into a mold. In addition purple is the colour of royalty.

      • Noelle Teague


      • haha your right, i was just imagining how shallow people/Drake would react to the purple pants, much love to king ovo. I thought the pants were great.