• Onereal Love


  • OMG! He is wearing my fav color SHIRT :) geez….. ill be out there in one week!

  • dang drake look really good in that purple shirt :) <3

  • Drake looks so FINE as Always. But did he really have to sag his pants wonder who taught him that….Lil Wayne

  • Obikwelu McLaw Hillzy

    stunning shirt..drake u d best mahn

  • Drake can make any shirt look ill.

  • Katherine Victoria

    Cute pic, but Drake really your shirt is to small to be sagging like that smh

  • Its funny how the press goes crazy that hes wearing a purple shirt… What would they do is he was wearing pink plka dots?

  • You look sooooooo handsome Drake! I love you! You are a GREAT rapper!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You’re awesome!!! LOVE YOU!!

  • I wonder if Drake sees any of this? Like the stuff #TeamDrizzy posts? But then again he loves his fans. THERE NEED TO BE MORE SENSITIVE,CARING, and UNDERSTANDING men like Drake. Can i get an amen on this ladies? :)