Drake Spotted In Calabasas In Purple Collar Shirt (Photos)

Drake Spotted In Calabasas In Purple Collar Shirt (Photos)


Drake was spotted around grabbing some food on Monday at Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas wearing a purple collar shirt. Check out the photos below.

  • Onereal Love


  • OMG! He is wearing my fav color SHIRT :) geez….. ill be out there in one week!

  • dang drake look really good in that purple shirt :) <3

  • Drake looks so FINE as Always. But did he really have to sag his pants wonder who taught him that….Lil Wayne

  • Obikwelu McLaw Hillzy

    stunning shirt..drake u d best mahn

  • Drake can make any shirt look ill.

  • Katherine Victoria

    Cute pic, but Drake really your shirt is to small to be sagging like that smh

  • Its funny how the press goes crazy that hes wearing a purple shirt… What would they do is he was wearing pink plka dots?

  • You look sooooooo handsome Drake! I love you! You are a GREAT rapper!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You’re awesome!!! LOVE YOU!!

  • I wonder if Drake sees any of this? Like the stuff #TeamDrizzy posts? But then again he loves his fans. THERE NEED TO BE MORE SENSITIVE,CARING, and UNDERSTANDING men like Drake. Can i get an amen on this ladies? :)