Drake Shows Off Tattoos & Working Out

Drake Shows Off Tattoos & Working Out


Drake has started to add to his tattoo collection since we last saw his first tattoo at OVO Fest. Check out the photos below of Drake’s tattoo, also seems like Drake is getting ready for his Club Paradise tour by hitting the weights.

  • Whateveryoulike

    lmao look at the way he’s holding the damn bar??? whatta fag

    • lilmizzdrizzy


    • hater bitch

  • drake loverrrrrr

    shut the fuck , the only fag is you.

  • Samira Barber

    What’s wrong w/ the way he holds the bar? It’s called excersing something that you probably don’t do. That’s probably y yo ass is on a Drake fansIte cause u so out of shape n u have nothing better 2 do. GTFO here w/ dat hatin.

  • Angelkv

    Sexy! Lol

  • Drizzy

    I Think Drakes Reply To Common Should Sound Something Like This;
    Please Tell Me What You Think Guys :)
    Fake ass nigga’s, common bunch of pussy’s
    Be spitting on tracks like your mother fucking rookies
    Head you were mad cause you never hit the bookies?
    How about I cool you off with a cookie?
    Mother fucker you just crossed the line
    So don’t push me, before I fuck up your life
    About to fuck your ass up like I’m rocky
    Tell your mama to please stop sounding cocky
    If you shoot at me, be sure that I’ma shoot back
    So wear that vest of yours whenever you’re out
    Trying to diss me, to get yourself out of the drought
    But nigga please go get yourself a crowd
    You say you’re a king but you never were crowned
    Thinking I’m too afraid to be calling you out
    But nigga here I am dissing you back
    Thing is I have no time for MC’s who are wack
    Saying I’m soft, but bitch who’s singing now?
    *common verse where he’s singing”

    • lilmizzdrizzy

      not badd

  • drizzy looks pretty good  no homo i am getting a tat myself soon lol, ily drizzy

  • lilmizzdrizzy

    well ya see dat sexyy azz guy up there plzz boyz dnt hat cuz u aint and ladiess u best moe on to da next one he all mine lolz !! X)

    • Guest_

      ummmm no hes not……..drake is MINE

  • lilmizzdrizzy

    w8 wats the quote say ??

    • DrizzyDrakeLove

      I’m not sure about te entire thing but the top line says, “If I die today, it’d be a holiday.” <— Which is a quote from Lil Wayne's song John.

  • I dont want drake becoming someone he’s not, he doesnt need to be gangsta, he doesnt need  the tatoo’s or the muscle most people likes him for who he is and to hell to those who likes him for who he’s not.

  • he looks mad tan lol, go work out those guns drizzy lolol got to stay in shape for the upcoming tour, still kinda upset ur not coming to new york but what ev i will still listen and love your music

  • If Aaliyah was still alive, they would probably be married by now

    • DeAnn Gabriel

      no they wouldnt

  • Vicki!

    DRake looks fine!!!!!!

  • Cboesch88

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  • Young BNori

    ALlL these lil chicks be beasting for someone they never gonna be with lol…. I just laugh my ass off when someone says hes mines, like biotch please, go wash your azz first before talking people you aint never gonna be with.

  • Winterviolet18


  • Drake’s#1fan

    Drake is soooo perfect i love him more than life because of his smarts and his emotions but underneath the clothes is a hell of a BONUS!!!!! =D <3

  • DimeDivaDrakeFan

    Almost passed out when i saw that back shot…Lord….Just one night!! This man is fine ass hell!!!

  • mrsdrizzyfaeva

    he iz fiiiiiiiiine!

  • drizzyFall

    shout out to u mr drake