Drake & Rihanna On The Set Of “Take Care”

Drake & Rihanna On The Set Of “Take Care”


Check out this sneak peek on the set of “Take Caremusic video. Drake and Rihanna are doing work with this video, pictures after the jump. Are you excited for this video to premiere?

  • Word I been wait for this video can’t wait Just want to take care of you I promise 

  • Drakes#1Fan<3

    You dumb whore take ur hands off of him! lol jk… or am i?!?!

  • Anvar

    i think this video is so amazing!!!

  • Swimmindude06

    fucking whore i hate her she broke drizzys heart

  • Sparkz293

    when does it come out?

  • Tony

    Rihanna ISN’T a whore, but I’d agree that she broke his heart.Strange, because they were a very great celebrity couple.I think the two should “date” again, but this time, with no strings attached, on the part of Rihanna.Drake deserves better than that, ya feel me.Drake is a rare breed of truly compassionate/respectful male humans in America(though he’s Jewish Candadian), & Rihanna should give him her love back.Why? Because Rihanna isn’t going to find somebody who treats her better/equal that Drake treats her.Drake is the shit, & Rihanna should have been proud to be classified as his soul-mate.That’s Rihanna’s loss, though.

    • Swimmindude06

      totally respect that opinion 

    • Lilly

      Thats because she is not his soul mate! I know who is though and wow is Drake blessed! Don’t be quick to judge. His woman will have what money can’t buy and something he needs and can’t live with out! They are cute but I bet his future wife is BAD!

      • Johnathan

        FUCKKK OFF NIGGUHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Ovoxo

      shut the fuck up.

    • I appreciate your thoughts and am slightly amazed that someone other than a relative shares my thoughts. Except for one point, Rihanna will never change and a number of her songs prove it.

    • Get Like Me Bro.

      I know that you goin hear this cause i’m the man! Yeah I said it, Bitch I’m the man, Don’t you forget it! ^_^ Tunechi.

    • Jeanie

      Drake don’t need Rihanna..”he’s 25 sittn on 25 mil”…Need I say more?

  • Drizzy-Fan

    does anyone know when the video comes ?

  • i dnt care wat anybody says I don’t like rihanna being with drake! he can do better!

  • thats wassup i luv them together

  • This going to be a nice video ……… 

  • Johnathan


  • Swimmindude06

    fucking whore

  • Princess Cindis

    I can’t wait 4 the video 2 be release I love DRAKE 

  • chanel williams

    does anyone know when the videos is gunna come out 

  • Rayan

    This film clip is going to so good. They have the best chemistry!

  • Brianasuna

    wow! nce one

  • Noshin4eva

    they have such amazing on-stage chemistry its so fun to watch. Can’t wait for the video. As for their relationship Drake deserves better, that woman is deadly, she breaks hearts and careers. 

  • Meathandler

    I named my pussy Rihanna because she loves to get beat up.


    oooo When does this video come out? and he better make the one with Nicki Minaj next…or ima raise some HELL!

  • Mizz. Drizzy Drake

    That’s not kool, that was suppose to be my moment ;) #JELOUSE OHH MYY GOONIES

  • when is the dammn!! video gonna come out
    like i have to much anticipation for this videoth
    ey showing dammn!! pics they mite as well just premiere the damn video… 

  • Wwechick98

    Drake and rihanna were an amazing couple. Rihanna found somebody who is hard to find now in days. Many ladies will be lucky to go out with an amazing guy like drake. Drake is a one of a knid man. Rihanna better make the most of this video because one she leaves the set she  has to leave that one of a kind man name Drake. 

  • Awwechick98

     I think Rihanna can do better than drake.Rihanna need to hug somebody else

    • Drizzyallday

      no she cannot.

  • Boots_Bae

    gota say i was  a lil like girl naw when i saw the pics but hey,….what er you gunna do lol (: