Drake Performs In Phoenix, Arizona (Photos)

Drake Performs In Phoenix, Arizona (Photos)


Drake performed in Phoenix, Arizona for the Club Paradise tour two nights ago. Browse through the photos below of the night. Don’t forget the only place to pick up your OVO merchandise is at the show, so make sure to pick it up while your attending.

Photos by: Shawn Anderson

  • he need to slide to the 305 so i can get that V.I.P ticket  #IJS !!

  • Ariadna Azcarate

    Drake was amazinq that night.! I had so much fun and just to let you know his concert was my first concert !! And i freakinq loved it.!! <3 Can't wait for his next tour cuz he is killinq it!! Love you Drizzy ! <3

  • Ilovedrake

    omg i love you drizzy im your fan i love you you the best i ever had