Drake Performs His First London Show

Drake Performs His First London Show


Drake performed his first London show last night at the Hammersmith Apollo. The video below highlights some Drake’s sets as well as his tour buddy J. Cole performing his hit single “Who Dat”. We also got some great pictures of the event in the UK. All my European fans stand up!!

  • Im2Verticalhoe


  • 9AM In Dallas?

    Where is 9AM In Dallas? he doesn’t open with that song anymore? it’s easily one of his top three and in my opinion his best one BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!
    9AM In Dallas all MU’FUCKIN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • o today while in Harrods today Drake walked right by me and I was to busy telling myself “no couldn’t be him” cause I never saw his face, that I really didn’t believe it until he was too far for me to catch up. Now I check his website and it say he performed in London last night. Kicking Myself Right Now …. I’m so tight right now it’s not even funny :( … FML

  • Drake just killed it, I didn”t think they knew all of them songs like that lol

  • in london ….=0 man i wish i could go there !!!!!
    love o drakkyy

  • i mean love u

  • katy

    wow yall is really love this fake ass person. If you really liked him you would know that hes a snitch gettin robbed at gunpoint then goin and tellin to cops please, dont sit there and rap bout shit dat dont even happen to you and hop of lil wayne damn all the songs he be talking bout is with lil wayne, lil wayne this lil wayne dat com on now what is this. didnt he punch you in da face. any way not the poin uness you have been on the streets and had issues with the streets and had shitty things happnen to you dont sit there and fake it dont. like who is you tryin to fool maybe all you hood hopper fans out ther but it sure the hell wont be me

    • phindile mseleku

      O plz Katy! Jst cz u a rapper it dnt mean ppl shud tke shots at u while u wtch n do nuthn about it…c’mon!#get real!”She aint feelin Drizzy den dat bitch DEAF DUMB!!”

  • DAmn!

    hellaw baji shzed helo hai el video

  • bree

    drake is awesome is is like one of my fav rappers he’s kool and cute also.Great artist man

  • drake iz like soooooooooo cute 2 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • drake is my man so don’t bother thx……………….

  • phindile mseleku

    My only wish is to meet Drizzy.luv u big tym.its nevr too soon 2 col u d best rapper alive.

  • soph tebbutt.

    when is drake coming back to london?! someone let me know! x