Drake On The Set Of “Marvins Room”

Drake On The Set Of “Marvins Room” [photos]


On the set of Drake’s music video “Marvins Room” photos taken by Theo Skudra. More photos after the jump.

  • Kim

    Who did this video?  They did a great job……they didn’t over-think it and kept it simple.

  • Drizzydrakeboo

    I love this Got damn Song Listening to it right Now !!

  • ADG-Habzy08

    A lot of people have been saying that Drakes music video to Marvin’s room was wet. I couldn’t disagree more, the scene/ tone to this video is just right. The song is very sad and emotional and the video represents every sincere feeling Drake has about the ex who he is dedicating the song to. Drake and the producers did a great job with this video. As they were able to capture Drake’s true feelings. Lovely song accompanied by an amazing video. 
            At this stage of his career, Drizzy is on top of the game and we are all 100% behind him!!!

    • Shimydime_dencia

      that is so true im so feelin you on this

  • Ilysophia


  • Safia A

    This is my sonq. Nd love how he be like HER all ghetto instead of HAIR ! Haha LOl.,W/Love Safia., I fkin llove yhu Drake, Nd still mad didnt see you on my bday :(

  • Boots_Bae

    Marvins room is such a great song!, Idk y but when ppl keep remixin this song, it makes me mad:/


    I just love this freakin song and i love Drake to death i can’t stop listening to it i wish one day i can meet him in person. I love YOU DRAKE !!! MUAH!!!