Miami “Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour” Drake Photos & Video

Miami “Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour” Drake Photos & Video


Yesterday we posted how Drake was partying up at LIV nightclub in Miami. Well here are some exclusive photos and video taken from Derick G. These pictures are amazing, they were taken at Light Dreams and Nightmares in Miami, Florida. Watch Drake and Young Money crew arrive in Miami and more. Pictures after the jump.

  • Salvi

    I can’t wait to see this comment

  • Salvi

    i meant concert sorry, my mind was somewhere else haha

  • What a crazy lifestyle!

  • NICE!!!

  • He is the last of all the real Artist thats going 2 come out in the next 10 years!!!!!

  • Anna Marie

    The photos kind of remind me of Forever all the bright lights and everything.

  • SymoneilyDrake

    WOW! these ahmaingg pictures! i want to be a photographer when i grow up and when i saw these pictures i did two things.. said WOW! and then saved them on my computer! i love you Drizzy!<3333