Drake & Lil Wayne Hosted Memorial Day Rehab Pool Party

Drake & Lil Wayne Hosted Memorial Day Rehab Pool Party


Drake hosted Memorial Day Rehab pool part at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. He also brought out Lil Wayne to perform a few sets. We also got some video footage of him give us a little insight on his upcoming album, Take Care. More photos and video after the jump.

  • man , can barley hear ANYTHING . he looks bomb thou !

  • Billzromero

    must be nice cum down to santa fe

  • Libra’s World

    fame life lol, all them damn pics they took. keep the look drake lol young and widdy

  • Houston Huley

    i believe u gifted and u have an unique way of puttin words in da right order which makes ur flow untouched drizzy.ur South African fan wit a shout out straight from da hood to whereva u may be in holywood !!!!!!!!

  • Too Charming… The interview was somewhat difficult to hear, I really would have liked to hear more clearly what you were looking for in a woman, lol… Maybe I’ll watch it again, lol.. P.S. pics were hot !!!

  • i love u drake…look sooo cute especially in red! :)