Drake & Justing Bieber In The Studio

Drake & Justing Bieber In The Studio


Drake and Justin Bieber were in the studio last making a track for Bieber’s new album. Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager, snapped the picture above of the two and tweet, “This has been a long time coming. #canadians #believe”. Just later tweeted ,”you really wanna know who im going into the studio with tonight”” #bigbro #CANADA”. Are you excited to hear a Drake Justin soundtrack?

  • Don

    Am I excited? No. What the fuck happened to hip-hop collaborations..

  • Aubreymoise

    Why the hell is he siging with bieber???

  • #1 drake fan

    Drake wy are u helping him he has no talent. U shouldn’t even be wasting ur precious time on a no talented person and he’s a failure at singing.

    • DrizzyBelieber

      no , justin bieber is a great singer and seriously stop hating . He’s not wasting his time on him , they’re practically brothers , ofcourse they would help eachother out.

    • Sefiso

      stop being jealous bro!

  • Wwechick98

    Im exited to hear this sounds like. Drake can rap, Justin can sing. That is a whole lot of magic right there.

  • Wwechick98

    Drake good looks is going to over take justin. 

    • Lil Bim

      yo do what evers needed for that money helping hand is giving to get something #positive

  • carlpittso

    hate u justin plz die, ily drake still have no idea why u would be friends with this stupid cunt


    I always adore seeing you two together! Turns me even MORE on when I see Drake helping another Canadian! Keep it up Drizzy!

  • Rj Berger

    fuck yesssssssssssssssssssssssss

    my two favoritest boys in the world

  • Harperdj83

    If it sounds good, I want say anything…..if it sounds good.

  • Tony

    Drake’s already collaborated with everybody “hip hop” to the point where who else is really left.I’d rather hear a fresh Justin Bieber/Drake collab ONCE than to hear another collab twice.Once all the other possibilities have been done, I want to see another Bun B/Drake collab, but until then, keep it fresh.

    • carlpittso

      nah never collab with justin he will make u gay

    • Nikki

      Put It Down Drake and Bun B <3

  • Amandaurlaub

    IDGAF! Theree both sexy! Lol. I hope its good thoo!

  • 4040

    wtf wrong with yall..use your head stop just sayin shit just to say it..he reppin CANADA bro come on you know drizzy loyal as mo fucka…stop sayin ignorant shit on the internet…especially shit you’re just sayin to say..wishin people death and all..that stuff will come back to get you..karma comes in full circle yo

  • a.m.b

    no i am not excited AT ALL 

  • Froilán Quintero

    i really wonder when people are gonna get that Justin Beiber sings to a different demographic that’s not us real rap fans. Or would you want your little brothers and sisters and kids to only have to listen to artists like Wiz and Ross who only talk about sex, drugs, money and bitches?

  • Drizzy Hendrix

    its gone be good watever they do

  • A.VFL


  • Katya

    LOVE drizzy! Hate Bieber! He’s an inmature kid who can’t sing any notes & making millions of dollars.

  • Jocelynalvarez97

    haha yeah fuking hatersz bet chu later dhey qoinq to check out d video hatersz dont waste yo time typinqq if yhu know dhatt yall finna qo nd check d video out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kieshaswan

    your so amazing,believing in everybody. OVOXO

  • Pgfhd

    Just get over it. Justin Bieber got talent. Their both good artists, and if you didn’t notice, Drake also sings. Just because he’s getting more attention than you, it doesn’t mean he is gay. I don’t like Justins music, but the boy got talent. So do Drake