Drake Having Lunch At Vlilla Blanca, Beverly Hill (Photos)

Drake Having Lunch At Vlilla Blanca, Beverly Hill (Photos)


Drake was spotted by paparazzi having lunch over at Villa Blanca yesterday in Beverly Hills. You can check out the photos of Drizzy leaving below.

  • Onereal Love

    your closer to my flesh than anyone else in this world.

  • Onereal Love
  • I will be hanging out there this weekend! I hope i find you :)

  • One love

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    music as it shows nothing but
    fours of shift inside the house
    study the way of the beast to cast the
    the trains of whats to come in the moment of hair jacks
    no exception are maid on the road to success is the name
    some had to die but some are still alive this how it all starts
    overpopulated curves and overexposed fines
    what you see is what you don’t get and love is pain
    with the symbol of a hunger game
    animal is the style to be
    so don’t kill what you might be
    for there’s no pity in the lands of sahara greens
    on deserts streams
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    little wayne didn’t do it so wrong he
    is smarter than the rest of you to come
    so don’t judge for you’ll be target to
    poetry is only words and nothing more
    so don’t fret i’m only here to find the love that I came for
    with A as the scarlet and d as a Dog
    better to know what you have then to not know the truth
    how or not hoe I rather have him know what to do then to be lost
    we’ll be eating breakfast in his new lions den
    on cereal graham of serial deaths on blues water falls
    BY Johana magali Valdez-perez