Drake Has “All Kinds” Tattooed In His Inner Arm

Drake Has “All Kinds” Tattooed In His Inner Arm


got a new tattoo in his inner arm that says “All Kinds”. This new tattoo was discovered when Drake was performing in New Orleans last night. Drake quite a few tattoos now. What you think of his new tattoo? Just a little fun fact, “All Kinds” was suppose to be a track on Take care album, but didn’t make the cut. Right side of picture taken by @SquirtG14.

  • shyles25

    I wanna hear the song All Kinds

  • Swimmindude06

    nice tat ily drake

  • Loren-x

    drake its lauren fuck me! and follow me on twitter @laurenblackston

  • Gnfkhjkn

    U need some songs on this website

  • Mayruhh

    I’m sure there’s billions of people that ask you to follow them but I think I’d be a dream come true if you’d at least retweet me when I mention you, your voice and lyrics are one of a kind @maayruhh

  • Diane :)

    Love the new tattoo :) <3 x

  • KarenGraham

    I love Drake! Hz gonna get over thz story of all these haterz!*

  • Cynthiafigueroa2

    oh its an owl not a bird lol I was at his concert n tripped out lol

    • Kmburrel1

      owls r birds .