Drake Gets Uncle & Grandmother Tattoo On His Back (Photos)

Drake Gets Uncle & Grandmother Tattoo On His Back (Photos)


drake-uncle-grandmother-tattooDrake has added another tattoo to his back, but this time it’s of his uncle and grandmother. Nikko Hurtado, tattoo artist, posted an Instagram photo of Drake’s new tattoo on his Instagram profile. If you didn’t know, Drake mentioned both his grandmother “Evelyn” and his uncle in his track “Look What You’ve Done”. Check out the photos below.

  • That’s scary cause if he takes off his shirt before getting laid, it’ll look mad gay.

  • Don’t worry he can always get them remove and just get there name and a simbol of love tated on him he’s young it’s ok to mistakes maybe when he gets married he can switch everything around and get his wife tated on him and if he has kids get on him to. but for now I love it I’m all for it showing love to the people that rise u

  • That is so sweet!!!!!

  • Gosh he is so cute. But if drake keeps on goin with these tattoos, he’s gonna end up lookin like lil wayne. Last time I checked I remember him saying he like pure clean skin.