Drake Spotted At Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant In West Hollywood!

Drake Spotted At Cecconi’s Italian Restaurant In West Hollywood!


Drake was spotted leaving trendy Cecconi’s Italian restaurant in West Hollywood after dinning out with friends. More photos and a small clip after the jump.

  • AubreyGram14

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    • Priya


  • i love you drake

    gonna “Shut It Down.” He’s “Unforgettable” and
    “Successful” for sure.
    “The Best I Ever Had.” He “Lights Up” my iPod and stereo
    anyday of the? week. I
    stay “Up? All Night” listening? to? him. His music
    is like “Fireworks” in my
    skull. Everytime I listen, I sing along like its “Karaoke.” If he
    stops singing, the music biz might as well be “Over.” When I wasnt a
    great fan of hip hop. he “Showed Me A Good Time” and made me
    “Find My Love.” I think I’ll take some time to “Thank Him
    Now.” ( i made this and i love you drake your MY love)

    • Priya


  • Dsain94

    Who was that girl that got in the car…

  • Victoria


  • Drizzy, yummy as usual, lol…

  • drake i loveeeeeeeee uuuuu and ur music sooooo much, keep doing ur thing…am a big fan will never stop loving uuuuuuu. <3 muahhhh