Drake At The NBA All-Star Game 2011

Drake At The NBA All-Star Game 2011 [photos]


Drake, Rihanna, John Legend, Mack Maine, Christine Teigen and Lil Wayne were all sitting court-side at the NBA All-Star Game last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Check out the chemistry between Rihanna & Drake… Seems like Drake and RiRi are more open to the chemistry that is heating up between the two.

  • SimplyDrake

    drake stop

  • Vanessa

    Drake shud think before he acts next thing you know he’ll b wiv her n i don’t want him to get hurt, n i know he probably will.
    All he needs to do is dedicate a line Rihanna in a song then we’ll know… so far so good
    5.28 minutes later after listenin to Made men Rick Ross ft Drake
    Drake dedicates a line to Rihanna
    …. Too late

    • Vanessa

      Can I also add dat Nicki Minaj likes Drake coz sometimes wen she goes on radio shows she talks bout marrin him n stuff but as it was said in a newspaper article, Riri to Nicki to focus on her music and that it’s more important than finding love.

  • I wish I cud kiss Rihanna LMAO, after seein her half time show, that aint the only thing I want 2 do 2 her smh. Im a big fan of Rihanna tho I love here music. Drake & Wayne I love their music too, can’t wait 2 get dat Carter 4 and Take Care

  • Briana

    i would kill her, !!

  • bonekinha

    Drake is very naughty … :@
    ”not ” ==>Rihanna! :p
    come get me Drake! ;)
    <3 love u ! <3

  • ree williams

    smhhh , he’ll he a dumass if he get with that gay hoe.

  • sammieee

    drake could do way better and i hate them together i dont think they make a good couple at all. if anything he should be with nicki but definetely not rihanna he could do so much better than her , there are beautiful girls out there that would treat him good not like rihanna who just plays with his heart and then comes back to him when she gets rid of her boyfriend

  • LilDrizzy108

    Please Drake……just no…. no ….NO!

  • conway

    Drizzy u got it rite u r young my brother so keep ur options open!!!

  • conway

    Weezy cant wait 4 ur new music i can bet anybody its going 2 b the best cuz he is the best rapper alive!!!!

  • rinaa

    STOP ):

  • sharonawoodford

    I heard you good with them soft lips. Ha Ha Ha. Peanut Butter & Jelly. AKA PB&J. Follow & Tweet.

  • Crystal

    Seeing that last pic makes me not want him anymore lmao

  • jazzy

    uuuuuugh. i love drake ooh soo much he bad ashit. rihanna need to go ! she gots to go !

  • Weuz

    greatttttttttt’sss that’s coooool………i like this story,kissssssssssss your pussssssssssssssssssy rirrrriiihanaaaaaaaa…sorrrrrry

    • jumpstar

      my disagree

  • Dat Hot Topic

    Boii Dnt U Fxckinn Go Out Wit Nikki MNaij & Rhianna Laughin Like Dat Shyt Funny I’LL Beat Her Ass

    • jumpstar

      they dont go out and he like nicki

    • Pinkfridayhoe

      lolxz rytee bt NO him a NICKI dnt MIX lyke dat bt they would be CUTE though

  • Estefany!

    I hate rihanna!!! :@

  • Imaniharris00


    • jumpstar

      i know

  • Aysia


  • Daniel

    rihannas a whore

    • Wdsmaya

      hey but let her be her

  • jumpstar

    what he doin he like nicki

  • banana

    how could she???????????

  • P-Diddy

    he fukkin like nicki manaj NIKKI get on HIS ASS ND RIHANNAS TOO HARDER!

  • Iriana_96

    i think they are beautiful together yall stop hatin nicki can have whoever she wants…

  • China

    u still fine no matter how much u luv her


    drake can do better. she is made. he is talent. plus she is snotty

  • clown girls

    NIKKI AND RIHANNA ARE BOTH FAKE !! neither have pretty childhood pictures… I hope Drake gets on LUDAS level and mess with a beautiful smart girl not these self absorbed big headed drama queens.

    come on drake. rihanna has been with

    • Pinkfridayhoe

      yes they do an plus NICKI MINAJ went through ALOT when she was YOUNGER so how about u SHUT UP n get a LIFEĀ  an NICKI went to SCHOOL boo so PLEEZ an she is VERY….SMART

  • Ibethaabaddest14

    rihanna is a lier man looking ass

  • Poohluv233

    ewwww rihanna needa get off him ! likee movee itchh . (:

  • Thomasshania

    Drakee .. woow smh rihanna needaa let himm be w. who he belongsss w. ; nickiii NOT HERRRR !