Drake At Greenhouse In NYC (Video/Photos)

Drake At Greenhouse In NYC (Video/Photos)


Drake was seen at Greenhouse with Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and some of his crew. I guess Drake still has time to have some fun while finishing his Take Care album. Video and photos after the jump.

  • yizzy

    Sorry Drake, your the best and everything no doubt, but if you’ve got time to do this, then you should have time to release for October 24th.

  • Merkaveli

    Yizzy maybe if you read before you assumed everything you would know he’s waiting for a couple samples to be approve which takes alot of paperwork and getting in touch with people. and if he rushed he wouldnt be able to put those two tracks out he rather wait and give you the full then half ass it. So don’t assume shit you make a ass out of u and me


    i agree with merkaveli… and im also excited because theyve postponed the date to the 15th november the same as my b-day