Drake And Tyra Banks At Disneyland (Photos)

Drake And Tyra Banks At Disneyland (Photos)


Drake was spotted with Tyra Banks at Disneyland in California. Drake and Tyra Banks got something to eat, as well as road some roller-coasters. Don’t forget to peep Drake’s fake mustache lol.

  • Tkgatewood35

    are they dating now?????

  • Swimmindude06

    ily drake , like how eh tried to eb discreet and not draw attention


    I like the connect, be sure to have this stylish women in your next video, Paris of course, coffee shop and glam shopping as your theme, and oh don’t forget a fashion show scene

  • Biancastobbe<3

    OMG there sooo cute together

  • Jerkaholic Hoe

    wow… great day y’all most probably had… great things going on and keep the connection flowing because it’s chilled like that but anyway yeah, them pictures look good!  YOLO and love you OVOXO!!!!

  • Killebrewlisa

    um. its RODE, not road. der. dumb.

  • Elly Rodrigues

    Please Drake Toronto is so proud of you, but please be smart about who you date. Toronto wants to see you with a nice honest girl, we have alot of them here LOL!