BTS: Drake Started Shooting “Started From The Bottom”

BTS: Drake Started Shooting “Started From The Bottom”


drake_started_d47becf2601d11e2aa3022000a9e2931_7Drake started shooting a song title “Started From The Bottom” in Toronto the past weekend with famed director Little X. The music video is set to air in the month to come. Here’s a photo OP with Drake.

  • Rijker Cox

    rather inapropriate song title but oh well looking forward to this

    • the title mean people that are hard workers put in a lot of work to make it big in the industry or whatever you trying to succeed in and then when people look at you deferent or your friends not your friends and hate on you because at the end of the day drake wanted to be a entrepreneur write for people be a director producer doctor lawyer just like everybody els in the world but he found he true calling just like everybody els did because think about it when you get in the industry people hate on you and all ways have something to say about you look just look at what they did to mj and whitney houston so if drake could read his future and no people was gon hate trust he would of pick something els all in all drake has been putting in work it’s his time now he deserves it f all the hater much love to the people that’s trying to come up your true calling will come everybody has to start from somewhere ether the bottom or from some one who give you the opportunity at least it’s a start

  • OVO Sound, that’s all we believe in.

  • I can’t wait. I’m all exited now. I know drake is going to make us proud.

    • brenda

      Yes he always makes us proud he is the best

  • Wow this is so cool! I’m ready to see this! :)

  • brenda

    I LOVE DRAKE HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!