“How Does It Feel When Dreams Come True” TML Review

“How Does It Feel When Dreams Come True” TML Review

My final thoughts on the album are that Drake recorded a masterpiece, the collaborations are priceless, and the story he tells throughout the cd are to be continued many more albums to come because he is truly a talented individual with a beautiful soul and heart and his lyrics are unforgettable because they stick in your mind and make you think. As a person, he is down-to-earth, he’s not “showy,” basically like stripped so that you listen to him and your attention stays focused on what message he is trying to convey. One thing that stood out to me the most is how he speaks about women in a respectful way. I actually read his “Thank You” section in the insert and it seemed like he is very thankful for those who helped him get to where he is today. I liked when he said he learned answer to the question “how does it feel when dreams come true.” I love everything about the album from the design to actually having it signed by Drake on June 15th & getting a hug from him. Waiting for the album to hit stores was worth the wait for me. And seeing him twice in concert, once at Bamboozle 2010 & Hot Night 106.3 in Rhode Island just brings it all together. He is a unique artist and performer and everything about Drake is truly UNFORGETTABLE. When the cd was done, it left me wanting more…

Written by Sheri Groover, Hopatcong, New Jersey

1. Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys): Rating=10

For me, the piano drew me into the song from the beginning. I found it interesting what he said about his relationship with Lil’ Wayne. Seems like he was hurt about what happened with him and Rihanna or more a sense of like Rihanna made a strong impact on his life within the short amount of time they had their encounter with one another. The song made me think about past relationships I have had and was an emotional song. With both Drake & Alicia Keys voice, the Fireworks is a powerful piece of music. The beginning of his dreams coming true…

2. Karaoke: Rating=10

Somewhat Sade-like with the beat and how soft his voice is but this is kind of like Aaliyah and how with this song you listen carefully to what Drake is saying. He makes you listen to him. He seems like he has been hurt by many women. I like how he talks about his first love here. “But the spotlight makes you nervous. And your looking for a purpose. I was only trying to get ahead”~

3. The Resistance: Rating=10

“I’m living life in the moment..not taking pictures to save it”~Seems like he is talking about avoiding going down the wrong path and not letting fame change who he is. He is taking advantage of his situation and going with it. He talks about his life..interesting how he mentions how he got a girl pregnant and how she wished she would of kept it. He talks about being held at gunpoint. Free time for camera time, blowing money. He can’t turn back because he is in it until its over. I must say this is the song I had to pay the most attention to and listen to it a couple of times to get everything he was saying. It is a lot to consume in one song.

4. Over: Rating=10

I like this song and it also is one that got a lot of radio play. “So I’m riding through this city with my high beams on..Can’t you see me..can’t you see me..get your visine on”~This is a good song to flow into from the Resistance…like your not left wondering like how do these go together.

5. Show Me a Good Time: Rating=10

I love the beat of this song and he raps quicker at some points in this song. He talks about making money and having a good time. He like flips it and is saying like for the girl to show him a good time..I like that switch up in this song. He like questions how he ended up where he is now.

6. Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj): Rating=10

Perfect. The clapping in this song is different. Very Nicki Minaj-sounding beat. Nicki and Drake=Greatest ever J This is like a good chill song. Drake and Nicki talk about Cash Money crew and loving their team…like it seems like paying homage to them.

7. Fancy (Feat. T.I. & Swiss Beatz): Rating=10

I love this song! Love it! Love it! Very fun song to dance to in the club, upbeat. I love how he knows the subject of women very well and how we do everything big. He talks a lot about New York women, LA, and Toronto women as well. What about Jersey Girls Drake? LOL. I think with T.I. and Swiss Beatz on the song, it just makes it even better and the flow is really nice. I love how he says sweetheart and liking his women book and street smart.

8. Shut it Down (feat. The Dream): Rating=10

Okay..I do not even want to say what this song did to me! Shut it Down was very sensual, emotional, his voice drew me in, kind of like he was talking to me. I love when he says, “Say baby, I had to mention, that if you were a star you’d be the one I’m searching for…..” Makes you want to put heels on and a sexy dress on and shut it down! Nice duet with the Dream. The flow is nice, grabs you, draws you in, and definitely makes you think about current and/or past relationships or even possibly Drake. Sorry! Had to say it. It’s true. Love the piano crescendo and how it makes the song come to a peak moment with Drake and then the Dream brings it down. Then Drake bring it back up. When he says, “You’ll be happy that you let me lay you down” it is kind of like saying the girl will not regret being with him. Like he’s saying no regrets, just go with it.

9. Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy): Rating=10

Classic. Love, love, love the beginning of this song! “Let me know.” (like 5X’s) and then Drake comes in and says, “This is really one of my dumbest flows ever.” Love the part when a bit of Lil’ Wayne’s new song that just hit the radio is in it when Drake mentions he’s single. Would be a perfect song for a video of current footage from his tour, cd signing, album release party, etc…this song seems nostalgic. I can not imagine anyone else doing this song with Drake other than Young Jeezy.

10. Light Up (feat. Jay-Z): Rating=10

This song sounds very much like a Jay-Z beat kind of like how Beyonce’s “Diva” sounded. This is kind of like celebrating his success. I think that Jay-Z and Eminem should include Drake for the concert they are doing in Yankees Stadium. Just saying.

11. Miss Me (feat. Lil Wayne): Rating=10

“World Series attitude..champagne bottle life.” He talks about Maliah and Nicki Minaj here and having a model wife. First time you hear Lil Wayne on the cd. I want to hear more of Drake and Lil Wayne.

12. Cece’s interlude: Rating=10

Reminds me of “Shut it Down.”

13. Find Your Love: Rating=10

Love the song & video as well. “I’m more than just an option..” My favorite verse from this song! The beat to the song is very different and Drake overall brings a fresh new perspective and sound to hip hop and r&b.

14. Thank Me Now: Rating=10

A perfect song that sums up the whole cd. I like what he says about thanking him now because later does not always come. “Lately I’ve been drinking like there’s a message in the bottle.” He talks about last year (12/31) and about being in sports. He talks about dedicating his time to the wrong women and the good ones left. “Life is just a game in which the cards are facing down”

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