6 Year Old Girl has Drake Inspired Birthday Party and Gets a...

6 Year Old Girl has Drake Inspired Birthday Party and Gets a Surprise from Drizzy


Alexis Gomez gave her daughter exactly what the 6 year old wanted, a Drake inspired birthday party, and the story went viral. Eventually Drizzy caught wind of the event and gave the little girl an extra special surprise, a message and the promise of a special gift from the Toronto rapper himself. Drake responded to the news with the message “OVO 12’s for her ASAP.” The OVO 12s are the Air Jordan shoes that ChampagnePapi designed himself and this makes the gift extra special. Fans were quick to comment, and some admitted being jealous of the attention that the child received from Drake.

The party followed the Drake theme right down to an OVO owl cake, money on the tables, Worst Behavior posters, and even a gold chain that the birthday girl was wearing. Gomez has to be one of the coolest moms in the world and the attention that her daughter has received is enormous. So far there has been no word on exactly when the shoes will arrive but few doubt that Drake will follow through on his promise to the little girl.