Fans Speak On Take Care (Review)

Fans Speak On Take Care (Review)

Hi guys, I listened to drakes album take care and I absolutely loved it I give it a 12/10. I love the fact that he is a rapper but yet he still sings. All 17 songs on this cd were amazing, I love drake because he raps/sings about real life experiences. Although I’m a woman I can still turn on one of songs and still relate to were he’s coming from. When i first head the song ” look what you’ve done” it actually brought tears to my eyes you can hear the emotion in his voice when he’s singing about his family struggles. This song is a perfect example that shows yes he is famous but he is still a person with alot of emotion, sensitivity and love for his family. Towards the end of the song he plays a message from his grandmother, I was not expecting that at all and i thought it was very beautiful and tastefully done.

On another note I must add, when drake came back home and had his concert I thought it was amazing. He has lots of energy on stage and when he is performing it feels like he’s getting in touch with the whole crowd it’s not like he is singing to one person. I give his concert 5 stars.

I’m very proud that drake is doing amazing with his career and just want to say keep doing what your doing!

– Nikki Fontana

When I first heard the Take Care album I felt a lot of emotion in it. A lot of Passion and expression in the songs. To me Drake has grown as an artist but he has not fell off. Being a big fan of Drake its not just about the music to me, he expresses truth through his music. I think this album is amazing. I think that this album brings about a vast range of emotions. In some songs on the album you are not sure which emotions are there so I think that leaves it mysterious. While at the same time his way of wording his lyrics are so complex they make people re think the line that was just played through their headphones,radio or stereo. Drake’s title take care had a different motive to it than any other album. To me I think he named it that cause he cares about his fans and he wanted to provide some great music to his fans while also telling them to take care. In the same sense his cover seems like he has all this lavish stuff and he’s thinking hard about
this new life and everything. Take care may be a way of him taking time for himself in his own life. Either way the album is such a blend of emotion and expression. My favorite song off the album would have to be Rihanna ft. Drake – Take Care. In this song I feel like there is a lot of people who can relate to it. I feel the emotion of hurt in this song but love also. If you have ever been hurt or lied to and you want to find real love again you can relate. Drakes music is so touching its almost as if you feel it and feel the message its trying to relay. There’s no reason why this song shouldn’t be on replay.

– Candice M.

I can honestly say Take Care is the BEST album i have ever heard. Drake’s hardwork has definately paid off. I believe the album will be a huge success. Each song is indivudially amazing; they each tell their own story. Drake did amazing on every single track. Each song has alot of truth within itself. The songs put the truth out. In the song ” the Motto” YOLO is so true. “Make Me Proud” can relate to alot of people’s situations. “Marvin’s Room” and “Take Care” also relate to alot of people’s situations. Overall, Take Care just has a strong meaning. From Drake’s words, it is obvious that this album means alot to him. It also means alot to me because I understand it. I would buy it a million times if I could. I absolutely love every single thing about Take Care! It’s AMAZINGGG !!! (:

– KaitlynMoore563