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Welcome to Drake Remixed Tracks section. This is a collection of Drake remixed tracks by various DJ’s music mixers, and artist. If you have a Drake track that you have remixed and would like to see it on our site, send it in by emailing us at admin@drizzydrake.org. Make sure to include your credits and the track itself. Upon receiving your remixed track, our staff will take a vote on the quality of work on the track. We are looking to see if the lyrics flow with the music, the style, and the overall feel. We want to make sure it’s something you can bump to in a car and our fans will appreciate that as well. Enjoy!

  • I Get Lonely Too (Remastered) – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Credits: Curfs
  • Bitches Go Insane (Over) (NuNation Remix) – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Credits: NuNation Productions, Platnum P (Drums), GBO (Keys)
  • Chris Nasty & AO – Light Up (Remix) – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Credits:Chris Nasty & AO
  • Drake Ft. Hood Fella – What If I Kissed You (Remix) – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Credits: Drake Ft. Hood Fella
  • Drake Ft. The Prince – Messages From You (Remix) – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Credits: Drake Ft. The Prince
  • Billz and Shampoo – Let’s Stop – [ DOWNLOAD ]
    Credits: Billz and Shampoo
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    Onyx. is there any way i could change the pic to a regular Drake pic?

  • mONEY

    NVMD lol thanks

  • chris

    damn chris you and AO killed that!!!

  • alexis

    Chris Nasty & AO – Light Up (Remix) is so raw

  • love Chris Nasty & AO – Light Up (Remix)

  • kemar

    good stuff man i hope u will reply back to me u are an insperation to me and if u could reply back im a good writer and would like to be known for tht

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