• DdMosescC

    Cant we all just sit down at a dinner table and enjoy a big bowl of Shut The Fuck Up?

  • Tres Drake Esquivel

    drizzy drake is the best rapper alive hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care what anyone says that he sucks or is gay!!!!! i will still listen to him in 2080!!!!(((((((((((:

  • Tvaughn13

    wat up

  • I personally beleive that Drake is the BEST rapper alive. The reason being, Lil Wayne is nominated #1 rapper alive at this time, BUT you can listen (and this is a fact) Drake as he flows he doesnt jus rap he puts a little jazz into it, a little tune he sings and lets the rythm flow as hes raping so its like hes singing and raping at the same time. Which (this is a fact if u try to listen to it) Lil Wayne has been trying to do in his songs but he jus cant get it right example: How to Love. Don’t get me wrong i love Wayne, but in my opinion thats why DRAKE is the best rapper ALIVE period.

  • Ebfrnz


  • Trinafaye

    Now everyone knows that if they had the chacne to be where he is in his life to this day, you can’t sit there and say that you wouldn’t take the opportunity to live the dream of thousands wanting to hear you. I know that I would but it’s not place, that’s why we are all different and got our own that we as individuals are proud of.
    Suck up the chatter from as if everybody was in high school. They do that (talk about shit) in school and I’m sure most is grown respectable people like myself.
    But I guess this is why there is a thing called DRAMA for you and others that wanna be haters upon others in this world. If we didn’t have hatas we’d have world peace huh.
    You go drake, you do babe. Just keep it real, make sure the people you run’n with are still gona B there if you had nothing. Money brings fame, people bring notice and at the end of the day you feelin lonely. On the other hand just live it.

    I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a super duper truper Easter Weekend.:)