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  • I think Drake’s music is more than just him rambling on and on about some girl he did or some drink that made him unknown to his senses. I mean, clearly it has some meaning, but I think that his music speaks to people, no matter what song it is. I’m not gonna sit here tell you how much I love Drake because honestly, who wants to hear that? No one. I will say that I am a big fan of Drake, I loved his concert that I went to, and I’d love to go to another one, and yes I’d love to meet him in person, just like any other Drake fan would, and even though I wish it would happen, I know it probably won’t. I respect Drake. You probably think that this has no point, and no meaning, and it really doesn’t, I was just merely stating the fact that I think his music speaks to people.

    • Jaszmin Chester

      i like that and you right his music does speak to youim fealin were you commin from

  • DRAKE-is awesome i might be a little kid to you all but drake makes cool music…

  • I LOVE U DRizzy…!!
    <3 <3

  • Love yaa Drizzy Drake

  • I Love Youuu <3 <3 !!

  • Drizzy ya da best<3

  • Loved you way before your music hit the stores!!! Keep it up LOVE :-)

  • Follow this kid if you a real drake fan: RealMario34 via Instagram or Twitter

    • deviontray pitts

      whell i follow u mario Duenas-De Leon

  • Drizzy ya da best<3

  • i’ve loved u since 2001 (Degrassi) ;p

    • deviontray pitts

      who didnt like degrassi

  • Drakeeeeees All Mine (:

    • deviontray pitts

      you have to share

    • Drake is the sexiest man on the planet ! N no bitch -_- he aint all yours fall back looza .

  • deviontray pitts

    i sorry for your lose

  • deviontray pitts

    got to go see you al later

  • I live for the nights I can’t Remember …R u drunk right now…

  • I’m from buffalo.went to drakes concert over the summer.you are amazing! Beautiful voice performance.! Just very intuitive and try to tell u in summer obvy your kinda A big deal.! Just hope all is well! Ps bit trying to be weird

  • Hope u listen….I know u here this 24/7 but weird crazy vibes I get….I in fact feel like whippy Goldberg from ghost hate it but love it…..just need to send message to someone for drake.i will send pic but can’t figure it out.im kinda tempting but not conceited to each is own.let me know when I should send a pic.ty Meghan /w/a H

  • So no cigar

  • Turn up the lights

  • See his Benz 2000!shit

  • I <3 you..!!
    Marry me (;

  • Your the only man I have loved since my dad #R.I.P Jimmy Goldtooth x x x

  • I luv drake hahah

  • ‘Lord Knows’ I’m ‘Doing It Wrong’ but then again ‘We’ll Be Fine’ I just want her to ‘Make Me Proud’ but I’m having ‘Trust Issues’ cause I can’t find ‘The Real Her’ and she know I ‘Hate Sleeping Alone’. Girls, ‘Look What You’ve Done’ you know how to break hearts I guess you had a lot of ‘Practice’ and then you ask me did you hurt me I say ‘HYFR’ now I’m sitting in ‘Marvin’s Room’ I guess all the ‘Good Ones Go’ So girls, ‘Take Care’. 

  • “I love Nicki Minaj. I told her I’d admit it. i hope one day we get married just to say we f*cking did. and girl I’m f*cking serious, I’m widd it if you widd it cuz your verses turn me on and your pants are might fitted.”

  • deviontray pitts

    iam a up and comeing in to hiphop raper can u give me some help to show me how u made it

  • Leave the passed behind…..walk away

  • When its over the heart breaks

  • Drake Drake …..u awake

  • drake is da best

  • “Better late than never but never late is better” I love u Drake

  • Love u

  • started from the bottom

  • better late than never and never late is better they told me time is money we will spent it together

  • de doctor said you can’t hav my heart coz i ‘l be dead without it

  • Jaszmin Chester

    i wonder do drake and rita ora go out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Jaszmin Chester

    i luve drake he is like my fave rapper/singer and the weeknd is my fave r&b singer to cuz we started frome the bottom now we here niga:):*!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaszmin Chester

    (my remix)deis nigas in da past but im in the now and im like mike jackson all i need is a red jacket and some zippers. still watch digrassi the best show only with drake in it ………….

  • Jaszmin Chester

    drake and my boo thang look just alike like drake can be his father his name is gustavo and my sister be sayin that drake her husband and she would do him and im like go sit your hot pussy down…………

  • Jaszmin Chester

    the pic of drake on the rocks is mad sexy i put that as my scren saver drizzy all day!!!! !!! fuck all the haters,fuck all the lies deis nigas dont know me so bitch dont be suprised:):) like just made that up …..

  • lovein drake ryte now seen poetic justis he look mad sexy sittin on the bed but wish it was me layin behind him:):)

  • im sttin in school ryyte now was almot late but never late is better:) luve drake.

  • my mom is a hater she be hatein on drake the she said that she seen on facebook that drake had huppies and i said thats a lie every thing on facebookaint ture so hop off his dick like foreal……….

  • hi my name is jaszmin and i loveeee drake sooo much like all of ya dont even understand i dream of him at night and dayy hes my everything if i ever meet drake in person i swear i would dieeeeeeee !! ILOVEE YOUUU DRAKEEE !!!! lmfaoo ^.^

  • my friend rote that last comment thats something my sister would do she might even kiss himmm

  • ayanna

    i am soooo ur biggest fannn and i hope this is not a fake website if it is not come on tinychat.com again and prove it drizzy plzzz come on tomarrow at 12:00 noon and email me to let me know wat room ur in plzzz

  • ayanna

    when i saw him live on da website i freaked out and cryed

  • ayanna


  • ayanna

    i just got done talkin 2 drake he was lookin sooooo good im his #1 girl/fan aaaaahhhh i love u drake and keep make songs plz cause we started from da bottom now we here xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • manisha ori


    • ayanna

      dont noooo body love drake as much as me honey boo boo sooo get it straight

  • ayanna

    so i jus came up wit dis sick rap: young money entertanment im da youngest money out here gettin payment dis is my thang if u copy i say bang bang haha get it i love u drake maybe we can meet someday on da bay or maybeon santa’s slay drizzy said he started from da bottom and i say it’s ok bay bay. i hope u like it drizzy cause i keep it real all day every day. <3