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  • Hahaha

    girl i cant lie i miss you, you and the music were the only things that id commit to..

  • Maisie_robinson

    Shauna douglas- true Drake fan.. Hmm!

  • Crisantamauricio58


  • Amanda21

    Love Drake

  • Lexielungsxo

    Yu muss clearly mot listen to Drake’s music if yu didnt know , that it was at the end of “Shot for Me ” . . . Smh !

  • jim

    theres more people that want  it than people that have it

  • Janelyv98

    Uyeee Drake ^_________^<3;*

  • Serenity_aguinaga

    Drakkee <3

  • Monika Henry

    omg i luv drake every one of dese quotes make sense and dey are so very true

  • She asked what have I learned since getting richer

    I learned working with the negatives could make for better pictures

    I learned Hennessy and enemies is one hell of a mixture

  • John Finney42

    Aubrey is one of the games best, His album take care is the realest album ever made. 
    Keep em’ comin Drake!

  • lorena

    i love you drizy drake hyfr

  • Bilalhalima8

    are the quotes above by Drake???????

  • SinaeeiCx

    I Looove DRAKE<3

  • Sonyalouisex

    Actually,Eminem is the ‘realest’ rapper out there, well, if ‘realest’ was even a word, which it isn’t..

  • Mollieknight98

    love drake. end of story.

  • tiana march

    The world is in my hand the swag is my pocket the moneys in the wallet. I make these niggas………… watch me. Pulled up in the coop cuz u now we straight tailored white girl in the back call that bitch swift Taylor. this aint no verse by drake its by tiana march yu can catch me if you like this at queenkiara354@yahoo.com or facebook which is tiana. thnks

  • Temerg

    yes, he uses it in “shots for me” towards the end of his song but this toast was said long before he even said it…it’s a traditional Irish toast…been saying it since I was a little girl <3 

  • Catie Metcalf

    On “Right Above It,” those are Lil’ Wanye’s lyrics. ‘Cause then he says “I got my gun in my boo purse
    And I don’t bust back, because I shoot first”

  • Catie Metcalf

    “You can look me in my eyes and see I ain’t myself. But if ya’ll what I created then I hate myself.”
    Trust Issues

    • Catie Metcalf

      *cause if

  • May your neighbors respect you,
    Trouble neglect you,
    Angels protect you,
    And heaven accept you
    -Shots for me

  • Kimberly Jasmyn Godinet

    I love this GUY…

  • Samantha Trosen

    u can do better im jus sayin

  • Peyton Phonville

    The real aubrey Drake Graham all he ever wants in life is a real gurl to be with him not for his fame or his riches not even for the sex and the stuff he can buy he wants a real gurl and no fake person. Alot of girls in this world only want a brother for his money fame, or cause omg its DRAKE!!!!! lol he need someone real not someone fake drake want a real life without the paparazzi and the drama luv his music he making but wants a real life wants a luving girl and great relationship.

    • Im embarassed for you.

      • Peyton Phonville

        y because its the truth and if u set down with drake for real and talked to him u’d find it out but he wont ever say it on t.v. cause he dont want the world to know that.

    • thats right!

    • Katherine Victoria

      I agree with you Peyton

    • Shes right but he doesnt hide it he mentions it in a couple of his songs ” i like a woman with a future and a past” (make me proud) “I think I’m spending all my time with the wrong women
      I think I’ll have a chance at love and knowing me I’ll miss it
      Cause me dedicating my time just isn’t realistic
      Man, the good girls went silent on me
      They got a boyfriend, or left for college on me
      And all the bad ones I used to hit her friends now
      That make me wish I had a little less mileage on me” (thank me now)


  • Jordan Wood

    Drake is my favorite artist

  • Drake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His takecare album waz d sickest

  • Drake is the best

  • Derrick Blankenship

    “I heard once that they would rather hear about memories than enemies, rather hear about what was or what will be than what is, rather hear about how you got it, over how much it cost you, rather hear about finding yourself and how you lost you, rather you make this an open letter about family and struggle and it taking forever, about hearts that you’ve broken and ties that you’ve severed; no doubt in my mind, that’ll make them feel better.” Headlines, Take Care(Deluxe Edition)

  • Love drake sooo much. His lyrics are inspiring.Can’t wait to meet him one day

  • Chris McGovern

    Does anyone know the Prayer he says at his concert? Something to do with always more never less

  • Cool qoutes

  • My fav is the quote from I’M READY FOR YOU. My fav song by Drizzy. It speaks me.

  • Katherine Victoria

    Please add, this is one of my favorite lines from “TRUST ISSUES”
    I can tell, I can tell, I can tell certain people don’t like me no more
    New shit don’t excite me no more
    Guess they don’t really make ‘em like me no more
    Uh, you can look me in my eyes and see I aint myself
    Cause if ya what I created than I hate myself

  • I was born to make mistakes and not to fake perfection.. <3

    • Walking like a man
      Finger on the trigger
      I got money in my pockey
      Imma uptoww ni***

  • Rebecca Herrod

    I didnt know what love was until I discovered DRAKE…The best in the game rite now!

    • Please will someone send the website a message to update their -Drake quote- because his lyrics has changed over the past year and half.

      • It’s being worked on right now. Fans will be able to add their own new quotes in the coming weeks.

  • May your neighbors respect you,
    Troubles neglect you,
    Angels protect you,
    And heaven accept you.

    – Shot For Me

  • We coulda worked it out, uh, but I guess things change
    It’s funny how someone else’s success brings pain
    When you no longer involved, that person has it all
    And you just stuck standing there.

    – Say Something

  • I die before I lose
    cause I was born to win.

    – Congratulations

  • First place is often the worst place, but fuck it I love it here, I call it my birth place <3 – Closer

  • I can see it in your eyes your angry
    Regret got shit on what you feelin’ now – Shot For Me

  • I GO BY THIS :holla if you got me and fuck you if you had me,started not to give a fuck and stopped fearing the cousequence and they saying i’m back i’d agree with that i just take my time with all my shit i still believe i n that i had some one tell me i fell off ohh i needed that and they want to see me pick back up well where’d i leave it at? i know i exaggerated thing’s now i got it like that tuck my napkin in my shirt because i’m just mobbin like that.you know good and well you don’t want a problem like that,that the real is on the rise fuck them other guy’s i even gave them a chance to decide…

  • Emotions in these Game run deep so before this haters kill me in my sleep…I like to say it”s been a pleasure…Dope

    #Drake-It’s Been A Pleasure!!!!

  • real niqqas don”t lie

  • Jayla Isom

    mmm i tink i know my quote of the week

  • I cant even find
    The prefect brush so i can paint
    Whats goin through my mind.
    Racing ‘gainst myself but I’m a couple steps behind..

    -Brand New

  • Maudie Carter

    i listen to him all the time smh i know almost ALL the lyrics to his music #OVOXO

  • I’m busy living the moment not taking pictures to save it
    I mean how could I forget
    my memories never faded I can’t relate to these haters
    my enemies never made it

  • jay mandoza

    Hi, like to read ur quotes luv u man #no homo

  • “We live in a generation of not bein in love & not bein together, but we sure make it feel like we’re together, cuz we’re scared to each other w/ somebody else…..Cuz u’ll say u love me & I’ll end up lyin & say I love u too….I need someone different, something’s been missin”