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  • Vanessa

    im just sayinq yuh could do better tell meeh have yuh heard that lately im just sayinq yuh do better and i’ll stop hatinq only if u make meeh………………..i luv yuh drake alwaysz ‘n’ forever hahahaha:))

  • Kalifornia

    drizzy is that dude my nigga
    nomore to be said my guy (0_-) retrospect

  • Jb23

    My dreams are who I’m racing with 
    You can see I’m pacing it so I’m always chasing it

  • Nallely Arroyo

    I got Take Care Wednesday and its a GREAT album!!!!!!! Every1 should buy it( I recommend )
    I’m Loving it go DRIZZY!!!!!!!!

  • Alan Fernandez

    She says “kiss me like you miss me, fuck me like you hate me
    And when you’re fucking someone else just fuck her like she ain’t me”-Hate  Sleeping Alone

  • Joshrico32

    May your neighbors respect you, trouble neglect you, angels protect you and Heaven accept you.- Shot For Me

  • Shortieneal0165

    im just saying you could do better(:

  • Carlin_kassandra

    “Do you LOVE me? Or do you NOT?
    You told me ONCE, But i FORGOT,
    I  ASKED my friends, They say you DO,
    But THEY are ALL high, I HOPE its TRUE,”

  • AndyC

    I say I’d rather be with you but your not around
    So I’mma call somebody up and see if they be down
    Cuss i hate sleeping  -Hate sleeping alone

  • Jameydruchelle

    i love drizzy drake


    if anyone here a prouder pr something ima saii dizz my name is chris from brooklyn new york queens of all saints school i make music 2 im rappe i go by da name ANG3L K!D CHR!Z

  • Dtatum123

    May your neighbors respect you
    Trouble neglect you, 
    Angels protect you
    And heaven accept you-shot for me

  • Janiesunflower

    May your neighbors respect you, Trouble neglect you, Angels protect you, and Heaven accept you

    • Cowboysfanx13

      thats not drake thats an old irish prayer

      • Sincitydominic

        Irish toast not prayer actually

      • Megan(:

        Drake says it at the end of one of his songs.

      • Shaunadouglas6

        wat ever

      • Shaunadouglas6

        it is drake dumbey

      • Bob

        says the the guy who cant spell dummy right

      • tf nigga then gtfo !

      • Shaunadouglas6

        shut up no its not

      • Caitlyn Paine

        It’s Drake sweetie, it’s at the end of shot for me(:

      • Xyz123

        Yes but drake took it from the toast. Its not his original work

      • Crazylety371

        That’s rap for ya nowadays.

      • EricaKing

        But he did not create it. its an old Irish toast often used at wedding celebrations. So, no. It’s really not Drake’s ;)

      • Monae:)

        Drake quoted an old Irish PROVERB ,, he did not come up with that on his own, its a saying,, like ”what goes around comes around” its just something peple say,, although it is more commonly said in Irish culture, the saying has been around for centuries,, drake just quoted,, he is NOT the author.

      • :)

         it is a drake quote, it’s from shot for me LOL

  • Kevin C

    sip it til i feel it and smoke it til its done -im on one

  • drizzyback

    and drake stand 4 do right an kill everythang

  • drizzyback

    oh that was your i thought i recanized her

  • drizzyback

    im killin all these rappers you would of sware i woulda haid a hit list

  • Sweet Kush ` )

    Girl you look good won’t you back that ass up

    You a fine mother fucker won’t you back that ass up

    Call me Big daddy won’t you back that ass up

    Girl who is you playing with, back that ass up

    • Daisja

      this isn’t Drake’s own lyrics; it was originally said by Juvenile (: But of course, Drake made it sound amazing still…

  • Mrs. AubreyGraham

    Thats why you wanna have no sex, why you wanna protest

    Why you wana fight for your right

    Cause you don’t love them boys

    P-ssy run everything, f-ck that noise
                                       -Make Me Proud

    • P-ussy dont run everything STUPID

      • ADGallday

        Actually, Mrs. AubreyGraham is right. It’s “P-ssy run everything”

      • Xcbowmanx9

        That’s why he followed with fuck that noise… You slacking

  • drizzyback

    i have so many flows .sometimes they comein go.i like my flows in rows just like black in white dominos

    • drizzyback

      i made it

  • “It takes a certain type of man to teach; to be far from  hood but to understand the streets.” (drizzy drake]

  • youu cant get any more real thann that; gotta luv youu sum drizzy.!

  • Corona Reynoso11

    Never Had Thoughts Of Suicide I’m Too Alive

  • Tstan132

    “I Love Nicki Minaj,
    I told her I admit it,I hope one day we get married,just to say we F****** did itand girl I’m F****** serious.I’m with it, If you with it,cause your verses turn me onand your pants are mighty fitted”                                                                                — Miss Me

  • Ang_y_25

    i love DRAKE baby

  • Sunnyjames456


  • TDrizzy (I wish)

    It’s the “real” that creates the image of Drake in general. There’ll never be another, Drizzy Drake Rogers… Fuck all the “covers”. As a 17 year old from a broken home, inspiration is little to none in my head, in which Drake has done the impossible.. Inspired me.

  • An89o

    ok 2mrw is christmas..and here’s the only place that i can be in real touch with drake…plz tell drake that i want to see him,..im from iraq a place there no way that he could come and through a concert there..i really really really wanna be in one of his concerts…it breaks my heart to see his tickets get sold and i cant buy it…plz make my wish come true..i know this is not an oprah show and maybe im asking too much but please dont let me down on a christmas eve ….thanks!

  • Brissey Destiny

    Girl You Workinq With Some Mad Shit, You Bad Yeah
    Make A Niqqa Spend His Cash Yeah, His Last Yeah
    Hoes Frown When You Pass Yeah, They Mad Yeah
    Couple Thousand On Your Baq Yeah, Fuck Yeah
    Im A Biq Timer Niqqa Yeah, Money Flipper Yeah
    Get It Understood Yeah, Its All Good Yeah
    Girl I Know Whats Real Cause I Been Around It
    You Only Want Whats Real You Just Never Found It

  • Huffmanmeister4181

    you lookin bad girl for goodness sakes you with all those curves and me w/out no brakes.

  • Keshaaaaaa <3

    i think i killed everybody in the game last year man , fuck it i was on though
    & i thought i found the girl of my dreams at the strip club , hmmm fuck it i was wrong though .
                                                                  – Over My Dead Body <3

  • drake#1fan

    umm every word in marvins room,headlines,take care,doing it wrong,money to blow,she will, and every word in every song he ever wrote, he killed it! <3 Yup he's just that great! lol

  • Wwechick147

    I had someone tell me I fell off
    ooh I need that
    and they wanna see me pick back up
    well where’d I leave it at

  • Stephh2013

    she says kiss me like you miss me,
    fuck me like you hate me, 
    and when you fucking someone else just fuck her like she aint me
    damn those words are scary,
    damn those words are scary virgin mary
    i just tell her to spare me.

  • Stephh2013

    when a good thing goes bad its not the end of the world,
    its just the end of a world that you had with one girl.
    and she’s the reason it happened,
    but she’s over reacting… and its all because she don’t want things to change.

  • Babygirlesparza

    So cry if you need to, but I can’t stay to watch you
    That’s the wrong thing to do
    Touch if you need to, but I can’t stay to hold you
    That’s the wrong thing to do
    Talk if you need to, but I can’t stay to hear you
    That’s the wrong thing to do
    Cause you’ll say you love me, and I’ll end up lyingAnd say I love you, too

  • Baby_stars_760

    “I’m the man, yea I said it
    Bitch i’m the man, Don’t you forget it”

  • Samantha Ayers

    you acting like its someone you dont know, tell m,e how the fuck we spposted to stay friends when you got a bunch of feelings that you dont show.?

  • Daniel Fowlkes

    Jelousy is just love and hate at the same time – Over my dead body

  • Wwechick147

    My only wish is I die real.
                                     – Take Care

  • ilovedrake98

    Everybody dies, but not everybody lives. <3

  • LilJFishy1

    I want my square back drake!


    everybody dies but not everybody lives-moment 4 life

  • Danny

    might look light, but we heavy thou
    even drake might pull out some shit like that YOU NEVER KNOOOW!!

  • Danny

    might look light, but we heavy though
    you think drake will pull some shit like that YOU NEVER KNOOOW!!

  • Wwesata

    Everybody dies but not every lives.
                                     – Moment for Life

  • Silence

    Find A Nigga Like Me Truth be Told I Don’t Know Many

  • Amber

    “When a good thing goes bad, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of a world that you had with one girl, she’s the reason it happened, but she’s overreacting, and it’s all because she don’t want things to change…”
    – “Doing It Wrong” by DRIZZY DRAKE

  • Williamsdasia

    drake is my man wtf’

  • 2WAYZ

    I do nothing that would offend these cats but I wish I had a spot where I can spend these cats, like here sit on this island man and pen these raps, bust them shots, pretend you trap do what ever man. Long as you never find your way home I’m cool with it I left you a shovel there you know what to do with it – Goodnight and Goodluck