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Drake Quote Topics

  • Abby Negrete

    Money in my safe but I’m living dangerousThey told me shit would change but I don’t really see any change in us <3

  • Drake Loverr <3

    Drake Just Stands For [D)o [R)ight [A)nd [K)ill [E)verything <3

  • Payola_lalola18

    Drizzy Has The Best Quotes :$

  • J-EZ

    I’m the highlight like when markers glow. *Made*

  • Jessjamesss!

    Love Drake, but i wasnt a fan of, “I didnt cry when Pac died…”   Then used one of Pac’s poems, “From the concrete who’d known a flower would grow..”

  • Bodboy_06

    Love is pain an pain is love u will never know how it feels til u lose someone u love an they is sent up above

  • Jeremy Green

    realest niqqa in the fcking game lol

  • @darealmach *mach*

    drake is real n da definition of him is undefined peace*@darealmach*

  • Flowersgregria

    i no you say you love me girl porblem is you proborly tell that shit to every body

  • Khayriperry

    a drake this your boy breez you the best rapper

  • Keziabruce

    love it but my fave quote is from november 18th “just sent yur gurl a  messge syd i see you wen i can but  aint evn read it uz pussy is onli pussy and i get it when i need it !!!!!!!!! lmfaooo go hard !!!!love him

  • Flowersgregria

    and i love it when your hair wet cause you just took a shower running on a treadmil and only eating salad sound so smart like you just grauduated college like you went to yale but you probably went to howard .

  • Jalisa


  • cHiLD_PrOdIg3Y

    I’m about whatever man, f*ck what they be talkin ’bout. They opinion doesn’t count. We the only thing that matters ohhhh… – Up All Night

  • OVO fan00

    Drake is one of the REALEST in the game, TAKE CARE will put him back on TOP, cant wait for the album, NOV. 15, OVOXO all day, support my nigga

  • OvOxo Drizzy

    im so so so so so proud of you

  • OvOxo Drizzy

    -girl you got it, girl you got it, there you go.   Make Me Proud

    – thats that north north that top that up top that ovo and that xo.     The Zone (ft. Drake)

    -she said she likes the view i got in this place.. sh*t i did all of that on my own.    The Zone (ft. Drake)

    -Overdosed on confidence.    Headlines

    but you can bounce back. go ladies, more records, more s*x, more babies. yeeeaah.   Missin’ You (Remix)

  • Domo

    Don’t ever forget the moment You began to doubt Transitioning from fitting in to standing out – Say Whats Real

  • Yung Thug *YT*

    And I was told once things will change,by a man named TIP when my deal cameTold me its all good, even when it feels strangeNow I’m the guy that know strippers by they real names – Club Paradise. 

  • Fuckme

    my favorite quote of his is “who knew from the concrete a flower would grow”

  • Pointegirl

    I tried to keep us together, you were busy keepin sectrets, secrets you were tellin everybody but me- Drizzy <3

    • Pointegirl

      Hes the realest one out there.! He go hard, I love him

  • Foreverkiaa

    Live for today, plan for tomorrow
    Party tonight, party tonight <3 #TEAMDRIZZYDRAKE :-*

  • Sdfhsdkhfssd

    “look at where i landed, you would think i planned it, im just doing me and you could never understand it, chicks get hammered, bid dick bandit, money flowin like a slit wrist no, bandage”
    -im goin in

  • Essemm711

    im ready for you “black lines aray” is suppose to be black lingerie

  • Alexis81995

    Don’t Base Your Desicions On The Advice Of People Who Dont Have To  Deal With It.
    -Drizzy Drake<3

  • Sifisoprince

    i love drake………you know number one fan

    • Nallely Arroyo

      NO I’m Drake’s #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chrscrwfrd18

    “They say that first love is the sweetest but that first cut is the deepest”- Karaoke

    “I can relate to kids goin’ straight to the league/When the recognize that you got what it takes to succeed/And that’s around the time that your idols become your rivals/You make friends with Mike (MJ) but gotta AI (Allen Iverson) ’em for survival”- Thank Me Now

    “Wondering if I’m the best? Well-I-Am, no Black-Eyed Peas! (Will.I.am)”- Believe It Or Not

    “D.r.a.k.e. just stands for D.o R.ight A.nd K.ill E.verything”- Miss Me

    “N*ggas wit no money act like money isn’t everything”- Up All Night

    “Call me over-rated or created or too jaded/Because either way you put it, BITCH I MADE IT, YUP!”- Show Me A Good Time

    “I guess that they need my soul/My cousin’s after dough (doe) like rae, mi, fa, so”- Kick Push (Remix)

    “Humble but I live fade/With more deals on the table than a bridge game, AH!”- All This Love

    “Tryna make some cheese off a single is a process, get it?/Craft, single, cheese, process?/Sit back and admire the talent that I po-ssess”- The Presentation

    “My flow is stuck in the moment before dreams”- The Last Hope

    “I always wish I would have cared more/That’s my only feeling inside whenever I get a song done/I’m scared that every girl that I cared for/Will find a better man and end up happier in the long run”- Missin You (Remix)

    “Yea, just ask me how things are coming along/You can tell me that you never heard none of my songs/Long as you end up saying one day you plan to listen/Cuz what’s a star when his most important fan is missin?”- Say Something

    “I think I’m scared of what the future holds/I was wishing for some things and now I’m used to those/Every girl I meet thinks I’m fuckin groupie hoes/The honesty of my music has left me too exposed”- Fear

    “Look at where I landed, you would think I planned it/I’m jus doin me and you can never understand it/Chicks get hammered, big d*ck bandit/Flowing like a slit wrist, no bandage”- I’m Goin In

    “Pussy’s only pussy and I get it when I need it”- November 18th

    “…..or alarm of whatever/She’d be here at 6 in the morn if I let her/But I never get attracted to fans/Because an eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam

    I always knew that I could figure/How to get these label heads to offer him good figures/And me doin a show is getting everyone nervous/Cuz them hipsters gon have to get along with them hood niggas!”- Ignant Shit

    “To make everybody happy I think I would need a clone”- The Calm

    “Women want attention and for women will complain/Develop hatred for men and say that you’re the one to blame”- The Calm

    “They say Drake killed it like young girls at a private school/Dog if I were you, I’d tell you what I would do/I would cut ties with the cops and just make them fire you/Lose the body pack and the velcro you feed the wire through/Tell em not to call even if they require you/Because they only people recording that wanna hire you/But what I spend in a week I could acquire you/Some of them believe you got money you little liar you/But I don’t admire you/Short n*ggas tell tall tales, GOOD RIDDANCE ARISTO I JUST RETIRED YOU!”- Good Riddance

    “And ask Juicy if I stay fly/On a cell phone and got a ten on the other end like an 8 by/6’2 and they tell me you ye high/They can’t but they try/And still get offended if I don’t say hi/To me that’s kinda gay if I’m saying hi to like 8 guys/So I just walked passed and keep it cool till they hate guys”- Goodnite and Goodluck

    “Should I spend the weekend in Vegas?/I’m living inside a moment, not taking pictures to save it/I mean how could I forget? My memories never faded/I can’t relate to these haters, me enemies never made it”- The Resistance

    “I live by some advice my girl ‘Lisa told me/The other day Lisa told me that she miss the old me/Which made me question when I went missing/And when I started treatin my friends different”- The Resistance

    “So I’m riding round the city with my high beams on/Can you see me, can you see me? Get your visine on/Yall just do not fit the picture, turn your widescreeen on/If you thinking I’ma quit before I die, dream on”- Over

    “I can teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone”- Over

    “Mature women with more than would have first attempt me/And Jason had this girl Tammy with a purple Bently/How she got it I never got to ask/I just knew she was fine like a ticket on the dash”- Fancy

    “I’m just fillin up this daily planner/Gettin busy cuz I’ma star, no spangled banner/Jealous dudes get to talking in they music and I just say I wrote it for your girlfriend, Chelsea Grammar”- Light Up

    Y’all Missed a few ;)

  • Nallely Arroyo


  • Nallely Arroyo

    I can’t wait till drake’s new album Take Care.The songs Headlines,Marvin’s Room,Make Me Proud,Trust Issues,The Real Her, Free Spirit,I’m On One,Club Paradise,Dreams Money Can Buy,etc.Omg I just LOVE DRAKE!Hope Drake had a good time celebrating his Birthday in Las Vegas.HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DRAKE!!!!GO DRIZZY!!!!

    • Ciaranskinner

      just saying im on one is not drakes song

      • Katgutierrez73

        You right people think Drake made up everything

      • Nallely Arroyo

        I didn’t say he made that song i just said he was in I’m on one.READ CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nallelyarroyo

        I Know its not but i meant like hes in it

  • Nallely Arroyo

    Apologise if i say anything i don’t mean like whats up with your bestfriend?
                                                                                                         -I’m on one

  • Sticky

    I wish i could threesome with two of her!


    Real girls ain’t perfect, but perfect girls ain’t real

    • chrscrwfrd18

      The line goes “real girls ain’t perfect, perfect girls ain’t real.” He doesn’t say but, it would be awkward.

  • chrscrwfrd18

    Man, y’all got a lot of them, but there are hella more quotes to add to this list.

  • Nallely Arroyo

    Getting closer till TAKE CARE comes out.Yeah!!!I just can’t wait!!!!!!

  • DrizzyDrake’s#1<3

    Drizzy Drake?

  • Katgutierrez73

    i hate drake

    • Nallely Arroyo

      Girl ig u hated Drake u will be my WORST ENEMY even do i don’t know u !!!!!

    • Kay

      then why are you on this site?

    • vanessa

      fuck u bitch drake is sooooo fuken bomb dumb biiiiitch??????? I LOVE YUH DRAKE

  • Katgutierrez73@yahoo.com

    Sike  im palying Drake is the best rappwe around this Bitch but yeah just showing love……………………………………………Fuck the bullshit im doin me

  • Nallely Arroyo

    About 2 say if she hates drizzy f**k her!!!!!!!

  • Nallely Arroyo

    Can’t wait till 11/15!!!!!!Take Care is coming up!!!!

  • Danniellie Gossett


  • Drakes the real shit that goes on and hes far from being over

  • Callie

    “We live in a generation of, not being in love, and not being together,
    but we sure make it feel like we’re together, cause we’re scared to see each other with somebody else” -Doing it Wrong

    • Nallely Arroyo

      Oh yeah from the album THANK ME LATER the resistance is the 3rd song of that album cause 1st is firework,then 2nd 1 is karaoke then its the resistance oh yeah 
      LOVE YA DRAKE!!!!!!

      • Nallely Arroyo

        oh wait sorry i meant 2 answer somebody Else’s quote 

  • Autumnriley26

    they need to update this with that one song. i believe i remeber it all:)) the best!

  • Crazyduda12

    Drake is he realest nigga out there & fuck who ever hating <3

  • Ashhie_mazy

    I might be too strung out on compliments
    Overdosed on confidence
    Started not to give a fuck and stopped fearing the consequence
    Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments

    • Nallely Arroyo

      i love that part from headlines

    • Babyloverjoss

      Gotta Love Him<3

      • Shaunadouglas6

        so do i i might be to strong hehehehehehehehehhhhehheehheheeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shaunadouglas6

        i got him <9

  • iaminlovewithdrake

    drake is the realest and best rapper out there and aint no body gonna tell me other wise!!!

  • Abel G.

    What am I afraid of? This is suppose to be what dreams are made of.
    But people I don’t have the time to hang with, always look at me and say the same shit..(they say)
    You promised me you would never change.
    You promised me you would never change. – The Resistance

  • Aly Alex

    Drake, my inspiration. Songs that speak to everyone. Lyrics that make us all think of the life we have. Drake, our inspiration. 


    i avoided the coke game and when with sprite instead

  • Fire Dragon

    They won’t get you like I will

    My only wish is I die real

    Cause that truth hurts, and those lies heal

    And you can’t sleep thinking he lies still

    So you cry still, tears all in a pillow case

    Big girls all get a little taste

    Awe pushin me and Wayne so I get my space

    Awe dealin with a heart that I didn’t break                    Drake ft. rhianna Take Care

    • Nallely Arroyo

      I like that song and ur quote…But y u have 2 take so many space like 4 real
      Oh!!!!Well i love ur quote <3