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Drake Quote Topics

  • ayanna

    love u

  • ayanna

    i love drizzy we married i am mrz.drizzy drake

  • ayanna

    i am mrz.drizzy drake

  • ayanna

    ok drizzy u really need to come to indianapolice this year plz

  • Blake

    Yo i have a lot of people i look to drakes one because he takes alot of shit but hes just like fuck ill do me give a fuck about you Nigga.

  • Anna Graham

    Well…I can handle my own but if a guy (meaning you) wants to spend it on me I’ll let him.

  • hey
    what up

  • in school ryte now i’m like mad bord in ais math its so dead in here listin to drake and the weeknd i luve them both its like wen i listen to their music its like they talkin to me it makes me feel special and specialy cuzz ma b-day is on tuesday <3:) ovoxo all day fo real

  • its 3/26 /99/90

  • like not even lpayin drake and the weeknd need to come to rochester

  • saed abdisamad


  • Brady Rodgeers

    Drizzy you should go to Comcast Center in Mansfield again loved your show and your music is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with the rest of Club Paradise Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tina

    I am a hiphop fanatic number fan of Aubrey Drake Graham

  • Tina

    I love drizzy sooo much

  • ayanna

    hey baby i think i wanna marry u lol to drizzy