Drake – Room For Improvement Mixtape (2006)

Download : Drake – Room For Improvement Mixtape (2004)

1. Special
2. Do What You Do
3. Thrill Is Gone
4. Make Things Right
5. A.m. 2 P.m.
6. City Is Mine
7. Video Girl
8. Come Winter
9. Money Remix
10. Bad Meanin Good
11. About The Game (Remix)
12. Kick Push (Remix)

  • wayne is the best rapper alive wayne dont u out and u know it

  • Lauren Glover

    WOW! That is some major hate right there! Yeah Weezy is the shit but like he said in Money to Blow “And we goin be alright if we put Drake on every hook”. This combination is going to boost Wayne’s and Drake’s career so stop all this Best Rapper shit. Drake may not be there yet but give it some time you will be saying that shit soon enough.

    Ya #1 fan

  • Oscar

    Hell Nahh Mayneee Itss Drizzy Drakee &ndd Tupacc…!’

  • Joe

    Yo this is a straight classic. My favorite’s gotta be Comeback Season, but this one’s still badass!

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Mwah i love this cover….. Love u mwah.

  • Young A 713

    Mann this is where he started dam..

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    Miss u baby n ur gr8 lol love u b careful k mmmmmm wwwwww aaaaaaa hhhhhh. See u soon. ;0*

  • Mrs. AD Graham

    hey baby y cant i log in2 my twitter from my phn? Now whats going on lol umm can u let me kno when ur gonna b done w all these test n trust u have me. Is this what ur txt meant last nte? Alright well holla at me when ur done ur 2 funny. Love u. Mwah.

  • MaxDrakee

    very good mixtape

  • i love this mixtape. a total classic. #TeamDrizzy

  • Rs

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  • Connor Pellerin

    jason brown ur a faggit go on utube and listen to lil Wayne’s westwood freestyle then listen to Drizzies wayne sucks ass so make sure u actually know what ur talking about before u type something and make an ass out of yourself

  • Tee O

    Banging mixtape dawwwwg