Drake – Comeback Season Mixtape (2006)

Download : Drake – Comeback Season Mixtape (2006)

1. Intro
2. The Presentation
3. Comeback Seaon
4. Closer (ft. Andreena Mill)
5. Replacement Girl (ft. Trey Songz)
6. City Is Mine
7. Barry Bonds Freestyle
8. Going In For Life
9. Where To Now (Prod. By J Dilla)
10. Share
11. Give Ya (ft. Trey Songz)
12. Dont U Have A Man (ft. Little Brother & Dwele)
13. Bitch Is Crazy
14. The Last Hope (ft. Kardinal Offishall & Andreena Mill)
15. Must Hate Money (ft. Rich Boy)
16. Asthma Team
17. Do What U Do (RMX) (ft. Clipse)
18. Easy To Please (ft. Richie Sosa)
19. Faded
20. Underdog (ft. Trey Songz)
21. Think Good Thoughts (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
22. Teach U A Lesson
23. Missin You (RMX)
24. Man Of The Year (ft. Lil’ Wayne)

  • 100

    This is his first CLASSIC-(not the one with al these features and remixes, i’m talkin bout the original Comeback Season)… Dude was runnin out of $ and chances. Shines thru in his records, track order is perfected… a straight through listen. This is when I REALLY knew this cat would make it, or die trying. Basically at this point I didn’t see how he COULDN’T fail. It was just a matter of time… now look at him. -“Drake’s up next, see what he do wit it”

  • Alexis Mo’Niquee

    city is mine must be the bestest song on this album next to replacement girl,.

  • darkangel

    This is my favourite mixtape. I agree with the first comment, this one’s classic.

  • quack

    City is mine is listed on here, but its not in the ZIP folder :S

  • city is mine is missing. (correction it’s on room for improvement)