DJ Neky The Kid Presents: Drake-A Drizzy Drake Special Mixtape (2009)

Download : DJ Neky The Kid Presents: Drake-A Drizzy Drake Special Mixtape (2009)

1. A Night Off0
2. Best I Ever Had0
3. I’m Goin’ In0
4. Stuntin’0
5. Ransom0
6. Comeback Season0
7. Man Of The Year0
8. Successful0
9. Friends With Money
10. Still Fly
11. The Last Hope
12. Say You Will
13. Closer
14. Ignorant Shit
15. Pop Rose
16. Sooner Then Later
17. Don’t U Have A Man
18. Give Ya
19. Faded
20. I Want This Forever
21. Stunt Hard
22. Every Girl
23. Unstaoppable
24. Nov. 18th
25. Congrats
26. Money To Blow
27. Brand New
28. A Little Bit
29. Uptown Anthem
30. Houstatlantavegas

  • AubreyNerverson

    i am aubrey Nerverson and I LOVE DRIZZYDRAKEROGERS and i will meet him one dayy ahhhh follow me on twtter @AubreyNerverson

  • A.summer

    honestly you all are extremely phony. because yah would never give him the time of day before he started getting money. but, i guess thats how most people are. right?. i always knew that he was talented. i used to whatch him on the grasii all the time, and when then when i heard replacement girl in 07. i knew he was going far. i love him everything about him. and people can say he is unattractive . but have yah looked in the mirror recently?. only character can make a person beautiful. i know every song on every miixtape he has ever created.
    i am definatley anticipating the album that is coming in the summer of this year.

  • T_negrete

    Heck no. The first time I heard him is when they did a mini episode about “Jimmy” (which is Drake for all you challenged ones) and he was rapping in it. He was’nt AS good as he is right now but who is? haha