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Nicki Minaj and Drake Set the Internet on Fire With Selfie Together (VIEW PHOTOS)

Nicki Minaj and Drake have ended the cold war that lasted more than 2 years.

Nicki posted a photo of herself and Drake Wednesday morning … with no caption, but we know what went down before they squashed the beef.

Our Young Money sources tell us Drake saw an ESPN segment on January 8 that featured Lil Wayne and Nicki. Drake immediately called label honcho Mack Maine, and said … “Why didn’t you tell me the family is back?”

Mack quickly set up a meeting for the full Young Money roster that turned into a peace summit. We’re told Drake hopped on a jet to Miami on January 12, and sat down with Nicki and Wayne. The photo she posted was taken during that meeting.

Remember … Drake and Nicki haven’t spoken since they recorded “Truffle Butter” in 2014. She purposely stayed on the sidelines during his beef with then bf Meek Mill. Nicki announced their split on Jan. 5 — one week later she was chopping it up with Drake, and we’re told everything’s cool between the labelmates now.

As Drake said, “I don’t wanna hear about this ever again. Not even when she tell him they’re better as friends.”

Drake Gets Inked Again (Pics Inside)

The new single from Future named Used to This includes Drake rapping the lyrics “Tatted on me but this shit is deeper than the surface”, and it is no secret that Drizzy loves his tats. Now the Toronto rapper has some new ink on his shoulder that he is showing off. The new tattoo on the 6 God features a fiery skull and it has the caption “unruly” under the image. The ink was placed by Dr. Woo, the well known tattoo artist, and an image of the new tat was posted to instagram with the message “Hot skulllll for the Boy.”

This is not the first Drizzy tattoo to hit the headlines either, Drake and Rihanna had matching shark ink recently to symbolize a date to an aquarium that the power couple went on together. For the date the Toronto rapper rented out the entire Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto for intimacy, and he also gave Riri a stuffed shark as a memento as well. It is no secret that there are strong feelings between Drake and Rihanna but it is not possible to tell yet just where these feelings will lead. Other tats that Drizzy has had placed in the past include the CN Tower in Toronto, an emoji that shows two praying hands with the number 6, and numerous faces on his back including a mug shot of his father and a picture of Aaliyah.


Hot skulllll for the Boy ?? @champagnepapi ??

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Drake Dresses as Steve Reisman for Virginia Black Halloween Party and Kills It

Drake decided to attend the Virginia Black Halloween Party as Steve Reisman, $2 Steve, and the photos show that Drizzy pulled it off flawlessly. In one shot the Toronto rapper could be seen holding some food, and in a video that was recently released online the 6 God is showing off his excellent dance moves. No matter where Drake goes or how he is dressed the rapper knows how to get noticed, and Halloween is no exception.


Drake is Styling in an Orange Esprit Track Suit and a Rolls Royce, Surrounded by his Crew.

Drake was recently caught on camera leaving his home in an orange Esprit track suit, and surrounded by his crew as the Toronto rapper climbed into a black Rolls Royce. Several men were completely surrounding the 6 God until he climbed into his ride, and then his crew climbed into other vehicles and they all drove away. In the meantime Taylor Swift was nowhere to be seen, in spite of the fact that Drizzy is very fond of her as a friend and has been for some time. When it comes to romantic attachments Drake has made it very clear that his heart belongs to Rihanna, although rumor has it that Drizzy introduced Swift to his mother at a recent party that he threw.

Please Forgive Me Poster Shows Drake Looking Abused

Drake has a new short film that will be premiered on September 30 called Please Forgive Me, and a recently released poster for the film from Apple Music shows the Toronto rapper looking abused and beat up. There is blood trickling down the artist’s face. The poster is further confirmation that the new Drake film was inspired by the popular album Views. Anthony Mandler was the director for the film, and Noah 40 Shebib produced the movie and produced music for the soundtrack as well.



Hilarious Memes Featuring Aubrih that Drake and Rihanna Fans Should Not Miss

Drake and Rihanna have gone somewhat public with their relationship and fans can not get enough of the latest power couple. Ever since Aubrey declared his devotion to the Barbados beauty during the VMA awards the internet has been filling up with memes about Aubrih and some are just too funny to miss. Whether you love or hate these two there is no denying that they are a topic of fascination and obsession. Some of the funniest Aubrih memes on the web include:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Graham

This meme shows Drizzy and RiRi posing in the original movie poster for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Fans will have to work hard to keep it together after seeing this hilarious spoof.


2. The Women Who Were Devastated by Aubrey’s Declaration

A woman is ready to cut her throat after finding out that Drake is no longer an eligible bachelor because of his feelings for Rihanna.

3. Drizzy and RiRi Playing Patty Cake

In one meme there are pictures of both celebrities clapping. When the photos are placed side by side it looks like the pair is playing patty cake. Too cute!

4. Grown Man Crying

This meme shows a grown man crying and is captioned with “I’ve Been in Love With her Since I was 22 Years Old.”


5. RiRi Looking Pleased and Bashful

2 photos of Rihanna are placed side by side which show her looking pleased and slightly embarrassed, and the tag is When Drake tells you he has loved you since he was 22 years old.


6. The Billboard

One of the funniest memes surrounds the billboard that Drizzy put up for Rihanna. A frog with cookies makes this meme extra funny.


7. Stick Figures

A meme that has shown up features a stick figure of Aubrey and RiRi, and there is also a stick baby for the couple as well. Too funny.


8. Drake Is Famous for Showing Love in Every Picture

A collage of photos featuring the Toronto rapper with various celebrities pokes fun at how much in love Drake always seem to be in every picture ever taken.


9. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Captioned best meme ever, LOL, this one shows Drake telling someone that he is just friends with the Barbados songstress. The individual responds with a drawn out single word: Liiiiiaaaaarrrrr!


Drake Drops Close to $3 Million for Neighbor’s House

In Drake’s hit track Where Ya At one of the lines states “I’ll buy the neighbors house if they complain about the noise.”, and it seems that Drizzy has done just that. The Toronto rapper has expanded his home base and enlarged his estate by purchasing the Hidden Hills, California  home located right next door to his main home. Before the purchase Drake already owned a 7 bedroom and 9 bath estate which was bought in 2012, and the musician dropped around $7.7 million for that deal.

In June of last year the 6 god decided to buy the neighboring property which was built in 1995 and which comes with a one acre plot. The purchase details were not publicized until recently though. The new residence features 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, high ceilings and hardwood floors, and an open floor plan. In addition the new property also offers a gourmet kitchen which is top of the line, many fireplaces, a guesthouse which has 800 square feet, and a swimming pool in the highly secluded back yard. Drake is definitely moving up in the world.

View Photos Below:

Drake and UFC Champ Conor McGregor Hang Out After Summer Sixteen Tour Performance

Drake really loves to support athletes, especially those who are making a name for themselves. McGregor attended the recent Summer Sixteen show in Los Angeles and then the UFC fighter had the opportunity to hang out and kick it with Drizzy. The pair can be seen in photos smiling and having a great time. Why wouldn’t they gravitate to each other since both are breaking records and making waves in their industries. McGregor is so popular with MMA fans that he has been breaking pay per view records. The Toronto rapper and his music is so in demand that his tour dates are being sold out well in advance.

Conor attended the Summer Sixteen tour concert in Los Angeles and then both stars took photos afterwards. Drizzy captioned his photo with the UFC fighter “We are young and in control. All we want is good service on a yacht…is that too much to ask?” – @thenotoriousmma aka The Defaz King. McGregor returned the praise, posting his own photo with the 6 god along with the caption “This is what being the youngest and the greatest at the same time looks like! It was an honour to watch this man perform last night! @champagnepapi much love and respect my brother, you are an ANIMAL! Thank you for the hospitality! #TheRevengeTour.


Drake has shown much love for the Irish MMA fighter in the past so the latest photos are not surprising. The evening before the UFC 196 event Drizzy posted a celebratory Instagram post of the incredible athlete, but the next day Conor lost to Diaz. Last month the two UFC fighters went head to head again and McGregor showed what he is made of, coming out on top and raking in extremely high payouts for his efforts. Drake was not the only celebrity that McGregor hung with at the concert because Bono and Jimmy Lovine were also there, showing Drizzy much enthusiasm and hanging out with Conor.


Views on the way. ?????????

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Drake Does Sushi With Friends at Nobu

Drake has been in California for his Summer Sixteen Tour, and the Toronto rapper recently stepped out with friends on September 8 to have sushi with friends at the renown Nobu. The 6 god looked cool and comfy wearing a matching blue hoodie and track plants. The night before his sushi outing Drizzy was spotted with his close friend Rihanna and the couple went to The Nice Guy where they attended a party after Drake finished his tour performance.

There are only a few more Drake performances in Los Angeles and then Drake heads of to Las Vegas according to his tour schedule. While Drizzy was performing at the Staples Center before his Nobu outing the rapper published a photo of the crowd of fans waiting to see him perform, and he captioned it with “All in staples but I don’t work a desk job.”

Drake Shows Love for Goddaughter by Showing Up at Her College Volleyball Game

Drake recently showed how much he cares about his goddaughter when he showed up for her college volleyball game, even giving the team a pep talk in the locker room before the game started. The photos show Ashley Murray proudly posing with her team and her godfather Drizzy, and all of the players are beaming with excitement.

drake-god-daughterAs the Toronto Raptors ambassador it is no secret that the Toronto rapper enjoys sports, and since he was in Cali for his Summer Sixteen tour he took a little time off to show his support for Ashley. Under the photo Ashley posted “There’s nothing more powerful than when someone shares their blessings. When they show up for you, you show out for them. Thank you for coming to support me and my team. Love you always. Best Godfather ever.”

When word spread that Drake was going to be attending the event the team saw the largest crowd ever at the game. As a starting player Ashley has a lot invested, and she played her best game all year while her proud godfather watched. Long Beach State stomped Loyola Marymount University with a final score of 3-0 and Champagne Papi celebrated with the team after the game was over.