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Drake Speaks About Deal With Wayne

Drake stayed down and stayed loyal: No more is he the hottest free agent in music, Drizzy’s recording contract is done! He has artistic freedom and big backing.

“To go independent is — like I said in a prior interview — it’s a funny term,” Drake told MTV News on Tuesday, addressing the deal that finds his albums being released on Wayne’s independent Young Money label (which is affiliated with Cash Money Records) and being distributed by the major Universal Republic. “Because it’s almost impossible to go fully independent. This was basically like the closest thing I could get to my own independence, to sort of continuing to be that guy to the fans that, you know, is trying to prove something — trying to prove that it can be done. So with that being said, I signed directly to Cortez Bryant and Gee Roberson, my two managers, and their company Anspire. It’s a joint venture with Young Money, so that’s the deal. I know there’s been a lot of stuff on the Internet about different entities, but that’s the people involved in the main record deal. And then it’s distributed through Universal, so it’s great, man. You know, if we can sell some records I think it could be a pretty legendary situation.”

Although Drake decided to stay with his managers (who also manage Lil Wayne), he said he loved the courting process.

“Well, the whole thing with me was, I met some great people along the way. [Warner Music’s] Lyor Cohen is such a special man to me, even though I am signed where I am signed at. You know, [Interscope head] Jimmy Iovine, same thing, a great person that taught me a lot in a very short period of time. But my loyalty lays with Wayne. For him to be able to benefit from the situation and for us to be able to brand Young Money, this is the route that I went.

“I plan to work with Wayne for the rest of my career so I think it’s a smart career move,” he added. “You know, everybody else [on Young Money] will hopefully work out the situations, get the right people on the album. I think it was important for me to show him that I believed in him as much as he believed in me. Because a lot of months he stuck his neck out there for me, you know with the VMAs [where Lil Wayne rapped Drake’s verse from “Money to Blow” at the beginning of his performance of “Misunderstood”], and then ‘Ransom,’ and all the songs that we put out. And the things he would say in interviews, he really put himself out there for me. So I think it was only just and fair to show him that I feel the same way.”

Drake, Wayne, Young Jeezy and Soulja Boy are scheduled to start their America’s Most Wanted Music Festival on July 27. One thing not in Drake’s favor is his health: He tore his ACL playing basketball and is moving around with a cane. During the BET Awards, he had to lean against a stool while performing. He’s hoping to be able to maneuver through his injury enough to not miss any tour dates.

“Well, I got a couple weeks of rehab ahead of me,” he said. “Right now the knee is, it’s slipping, so I would not be able to perform right now. But I’m going to be in the studio and in rehab.”

Drake is hoping to release his official debut LP, Thank Me Later, this year. He said he just finished recording with Pharrell Williams.

Source : MTV

Complex: Exclusive Drake Interview

Finally. After months of everyone bumping Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”—sweat pants, hair-tied, chillin’ with no makeup on—the biggest song in the country finally gets a video. A video directed by Complex homie Kanye West, no less. And it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. This past week, the Toronto native’s smash single rocketed up 24 spots to #3 on the Billboard charts, right as he solidified his much gossiped-about record deal.

Just before premiering the highly anticipated video (whatup, OnSMASH!), Drake stopped by the Complex office to discuss working with Kanye, the truth about his new deal, his handicapped experience at the 2009 BET Awards and his thoughts on World Star Hip Hop’s newfound love of Degrassi… Continue reading

Drake Premiere: Best I Ever Had Music Video

Drake’s new video for “Best I Ever Had,” directed by Kanye West, premiered Wednesday night. In it, Drizzy coaches a basketball team of well-endowed female lovelies, clad in revealing pink uniforms, who face a more focused and skillful squad of women. Coach Drake doesn’t seem heartbroken that his hoopers won’t exactly draw comparisons to the Dream Team.

“Some of us younger men, we refer to our affiliation with women like a roster,” Drake said, explaining the clip’s concept to MTV News. “You have key women in your life when you’re single and doing your thing.”

“Best I Ever Had” is the first video from his debut LP, Thank Me Later, which he aims to release later this year, now that he’s signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. Of course he does. He’s red-hot right now, thanks to the mixtape So Far Gone.

“I just gotta get this tour knocked out,” he said earlier this week, smiling about going on the road as part of the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival, which will feature Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy Tell’em and Young Jeezy. “I am working on [the album] right now. I’ve actually started. I was in the studio with Pharrell, and it’s basically a pretty lax process for us.

“Basically, So Far Gone worked,” he continued, talking about his strategy for the highly anticipated LP. “So, let’s just try to do it again. You know, let’s try and act as if we were making a second disc to So Far Gone.”

Source: MTV

Nas Talks About All The Drake Buzz


Nas is currently on tour promoting his shows, but he did have time to give an interview with Obaha World Herald about the latest buzz going on about Drake. Nas talks about who he is currently listening to and what he thinks about Drake, “I’m listening to Drake and always Scarface.” He also goes on to mention in the interview, “Drake is new. He’s here to show anybody who questions him that he’ll get at you. He’s like fresh water right now on dry land.”

He goes on and talks about the the respect he has for Scarface and he thinks that Kanye West right now is the most musically serious. That’s it for now.

Drake Signs To Universal Republic


For the longest time there has been a bidding war for Drake, but that has finally ended. Drake signed a deal with Universal Republic and Young Money Entertainment, according to Drake on the Alexa Chung Interview below. Also you get to grab a sneak peak at “The Best I Ever Had” music video casted by Kanye West.

Also Cortez Bryant had a few words to say on the deal. He mentioned that Drake was already signed to Young Money Entertainment, but didn’t get to sign the distrubution deals until that Sunday. “We were looking for all the creative control and all the say-so over the project,” said Bryant, “The person who gave us the sweetest deal.”

In other news, Drake’s debut album “Thank Me Later” has no release date as of now, Cortez Bryant says that the album should drop late this year on the same day as Lil’ Waynes Rebirth.

Also don’t forget to grab the Best I Ever Had remix featuring Mase – Download Best I Ever Had (Remix) Ft. Mase