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Drake – Juice Lyrics

http://youtu.be/AydNBBa4vkM [Intro] Boi-1da... Drizzy [Verse 1] Y'all don't really like me I can understand My flow is sitting right inside the pocket on my pants I'm still fly, you can't Read More

http://youtu.be/vUhxRqEoa_g [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Hello mothafucka, hey hi how ya durrn'? It's Weezy F Baby come to take a shit and urine On the toilet bowl bitches, pussy ass Read More

http://youtu.be/eDuRoPIOBjE [Hook: Drake] It may not mean nothing to y'all But understand nothing was done for me So I don't plan on stopping at all I want this shit forever Read More

Lil Wayne Feat. Drake – My Darling Baby Lyrics

http://youtu.be/shw4yopSCKg Can I dig it When you baby me Oooh oooh, oooh My darl Oooh My darling baby You're in [Lil Wayne] Uh, more beautiful than the world Word, matter Read More

Drake Feat. Jhene Aiko – July Lyrics

http://youtu.be/ZK1KANyM5Sk [Verse 1: Drake] This verse start’s as my sniper hits they mark And your guards fall down from a rifle to the heart Like, clap, clap, let em fall Read More

Drake – Slow It Down Lyrics

http://youtu.be/WVRr9I6xXa8 Hey girl Do you want my number That way you can call me Every time I come into town And then I will Drive up to your house and Read More

Drake Feat. Saukrates – The Search Lyrics

http://youtu.be/sDZ2X2ER0hA (Saukrates intro) They say we killin' 'em all, all, all, all (Drake verse 1) Hip hop's newest and youngest acquisition If this was you, I wonder what you'd do Read More

Jamie Foxx Feat. Drake – Fall For Your Type Lyrics

http://youtu.be/m9fUYcxP1UA [Verse 1: Jamie Foxx] Can I, Can I, save you from you? Cuz you know there's somethin' missin' And the champagne that you been sippin' Not supposed to make Read More

Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy Lyrics

http://youtu.be/Kwr2fdCeLEc [Hook] Don’t fuck with me [Verse 1] I got car money, fresh start money I want Saudi money, I want art money I want women to cry and pour Read More

Drake – Do It Now Lyrics

http://youtu.be/hYjY4LHoqsg [Verse 1] It's a celebration Clap clap bravo Lobster and shrimp And a glass of moscato For the girl whose a student And her friend whose a model Finished Read More