Young Money & Drake Spring Break 2010

Young Money & Drake Spring Break 2010


As we all know, Drake, Nicki Minaj and Young Money performed at MTV’s Spring Break 2010 in Acapulco, Mexico the other day. If you want to see the whole set, you can catch it on MTV tomorrow at 8pm. Here are some pictures from their set. Hey, maybe Drake found his Blackberry with the side scroll in Cabo. Haaaa. Enjoy!

  • abcgp,

    Keep doing your thing ,
    because you do it BIG ,
    you do it the best [:
    iss younq money babbbyy !

    Drizzy – you hot ass fuck and ima relle huge mothafucken fannn ! Like honestly i betch when someone else seems to claim them shitt …. dnt fuck with the person that motivates me into everything (aubrey?)

    Nicki – Your music is weellll , i like ittt & your very pretty [:

    Tyga Tyga – Ooooo myyy ! Youuuuurr soo cutee ! & You more then nebody else reminds me of wee-z f. babe , <3

    Lil chuck – Dayum for a lil kid like youuuuu to be able to be on stage and hang out with drake and weezzy your one lucky ass mothafucker !

    & For the rest – Yoooo all you guys do is fucken fantastic ! You guys are my alll time favorriteeeeeeeeeeee [: