Young Money at Club Play

Young Money at Club Play


Drake and most of the Young Money crew were down here in the MIA clubbing it out at Club Play. There’s a crazy amount of celebs coming to Miami this entire week, must be because of the Super Bowl!

Nikki Minaj Twitter: Weezy, Mack and Short just walked in Club PLAY Its OFFICIAL!!!!!! Young Money in this B*TCH!!!!!!!!! We dutty whining in this B*tch! Lmaoooo

  • Hi I am from Brazil:]
    and I wanted to one day see Young Money.
    My dream is to see Drake (I love it).

  • Maleika

    Drake diz iz Maleika and I just want 2 tell you im your # 1 WIFE LOVE YOU
    BI: Maleika Lewis

  • dfoxxieladie

    drake can’t wait until TML drop. And wayne hip hop won’t be the same while your gone!!!!!

  • saimir

    drizzy drake
    come to fhcl again
    young money!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    weezy f baby in this shit

  • thais

    heyy drake just want to give my shoutouts to youh and yung money and just love your songs and just keep up the good work ;}

  • you guys look so cute

  • idk

    y is nicki always with drake his is to cute for her and he is mine