Win An Autographed Fader Cover by Drake

Win An Autographed Fader Cover by Drake


FADER is giving away an autographed copy of Drake’s Cover (Issue 63). All you have to do to enter is leave a comment >>>>HERE<<<< about why you are the biggest Drake fan in the universe, and who you think he should collaborate with next. Click here for more details.

  • kristinna gonzalez

    Discovering drake had to be one of the most amazing things. it started from degrassi when he rapped on stage it went something like” me and the mic we coexist, my flow is a glass box with no exit” then it hit me i was like wow that was really great. So then i went to youtube and saw his song ” replacement girl ft. Trey Songz and i fell in love with his way of rapping it wasnt about the usual stuff about how gangster he was or could be, it was something everyone was interested in listening to. I couldn’t stop playing the song. Then I then saw this other song by drake called ” Best i ever had” and i couldnt believe that he has such talent i kept saying to myself why isnt he signed i mean he acts good but i want him signed he can be big business. Then I heard the song” Successful” i was amazed and both Drake and Trey Songz and I previously heard them in Replacement girl and saw the video ,but i really fell in love with successful there was something about drake in the song that made me just completely fall in love. i love his personality and his way of going through life he is such a big inspiration and a great role model. I later realized that drake was my favorite so i logged on to myspace and wrote him a letter in hopes he would respond but i understand it hars for him because hes such a big artist. then i went to my second choice. Twitter and i follwed max(drizzydrake_org) and drake himself. and i twitter them everyday because i always find it a part of my life to find out any new things about drake. One day I was shopping and i realized i needed to have the drake cd and i bought it i was so excited to have it because it was like a big part of me that i needed. i put his cd on my shelf and let no body touch it it was like my main concern that nobody touch it because i want him to sign it eventually. everyday i go to to find out any latest drake songs and i remember when “Bed rock” came out I couldnt stop listening to drake’s part. I really love him so much i think he is lyrically talented and he seems like a very sweet person im happy for anyone whos gone to see him, because im soon going to see him May 1st @ the bamboozle festival and i really cannot wait. i know that iam the biggest drake fan ive followed him since degrassi until now. Recently his song “Over ” came out and i am extremely in love on my phone i have only drake songs, and my background is drake, my ringtone is drake, and my computer background is drake. I dislike when people say that he is good but he isnt as good as some other rapper. me personally i defend him i think that he is as good as anyone i believe that he is the trending topic of today and he is somebody that inspires me to be good and achieve my goals. I was so happy when he recieved his grammy i was abosolutly amazed with him because i knew that him being such a talented young rapper that he was going to be the idol everyone loves i mean even celebritites can get over him they sing his songs they completely love him and i love him to :)

  • Lauren Lassiter

    I am such a fan of Drake’s it is hard for me to even type the letters on this keyboard. I love his music and I love how he is changing the game and making the music world interesting again. I have everything I could purchase to support him, am planning on seeing him in concert and already have money for Thank Me Later tucked away. LOL Please pick me. I have been dying to get this issue. It’s the only thing missing from my collection.

    I’d like to see Drake collaborate with someone who is not obvious as a huge star. I think working with Christina Aguilera would be a cool collaboration. They both have cd’s dropping in June, so it wouldn’t make the albums but it would be a nice summer anthem.

    • Ke’Aira

      alright look . im glad that you guys are fans and all . but drake is my husband ! And i love himm .

      • Daniellllle

        I DRAKE<3

  • jamie giguere

    um, im in love with drake . i cried when i heard he was comming to town, i have loved him sense degrassi i check this website daily and i have his cd and NO ONE TOUCHES IT (ask my brother) anyways, i love him soo much and i really dont know how long you want this comment to be.

  • Dollie Jennings

    I seriously am in love with Aubrey Drake Graham. I love him and his music more than life itself. I look at his fancites daily along with Youtube, and any other source of contact. I have his Us and Them promo things saved on my favorites on my laptop. I have 317 pictures of him on my computer. If you were to ask any of my friends., they’d say I was in love with him. I truely am. I know all about his personal life and what it took for him to get where he is today. I might sound like a stalker, but I’m cool with that. I remember the first time I fell in love with him. I was watching the forever video and my friend said “Wow, he’s soo finee!” It was then and there I found the man of my dreams. I had heard his other songs and I’d seen Degrassi but something clicked at that moment. I love everything about him, whether it be his style, music, personality, looks, anything, he’s a god to me. He’s a fantastic role model all over the nation. He made his mark on music forever and always. He makes magic happen in the crazy world of music. His voice is of an angel’s when I hear it, I’ve been through a tough time in my life due to my dad’s deployment to Iraq and he has enabled me to get through it. Without him, life wouldn’t be the same. He’s hiphop’s future, and present. He’s a phenomenon!!

    I love him so much, its undescribable. When I found out about his Away From Home Tour, and that he was going to Furman,(which is where my cousin goes) I immediately asked her if I could get tickets, but my mom gave various reasons to why I couldnt go though. I WILL go to one eventually and I WILL meet him. Hands down!! He’s amazing, enough said. When I hear his voice, I suddenly catch myself smiling at his masterpieces he creates.
    Drake could work with anyone and make a hit. It’s who he is. I personally believe he should make a song with Rhianna, I heard he did, but I can never find it. If he hasn’t, he should really try. I’m awaiting his Thank Me Later album, which will be out June 15th!!!! Ahhhhhh, I’m sooo excited.
    I always joke around with my friends with this huge diamond ring I have. I refer to it as my engagement ring from him. Oh, if I could get that autographed copy, I’d literally cry. It would by far be one of the best days of my life so far. I guess when I meet him, it will be even better. However, until then, I really would want to make due with the signed picture of him if I could be so lucky to win it, I surely hope that I can win it with this entry. I spilled most of my heart to you guys.
    Thanks for this opportunity!! I started shaking when I found out!! Wish me luck to win!!

  • Dollie Jennings

    ohh, and P.S., I had a dream about him that we were dating, it was the best dream i’ve ever had in my entire life. It made my day the following day. We were in college and Degrassi was our life, Paige, Ellie,and Spinner were all in it. It was amazzingg!!

    • Belle

      haha i bet that made you wet

  • Dollie Jennings

    and now, make that 334 pics (: sorry for posting 3 things, that shows how much I want this.

  • Well what do i have to say i am 100 percent in love with Drake…I love everything about him! His smile makes my day and everytime i see a picture of him i fall in love all over again….? I watched every degressi episode there has ever been and I am 12 years old and i wish i was 23 so i could go out with drake lol I spend hours trying to find out what Drake has been doing…I love his eyes,Mouth,Hair,Ears,and etc!!! I am not obessed i am in love with him and i always will be. I have 62 pictures of drake in my room i have tryed forever to get tickets to his concerts but i seem to never be able to get them. People ask me all the time why am i in love with him and stuff and all i say is how couldnt i be not in love with him! I love how when he is rapping during concerts or some sort his hands are always every where which makes me laugh cuz i think it is very cute….(: Plus i know if i met him one day i wouldnt be able to breath cuz i would be to stuck in looking in his eyes! I love every music video he is in such as “4 my town” when he is rapping right beside birdman i think he looks very sexy…There is to many words to explain how i feel for Drake I know everything about him and more lol but i love how when i feel down i think of him all the time…I love every song he sings or raps! I think when he raps he is really hot and when he sings in that sexy soft low voice i fall in love with him all over again! This would mean the world to me if i could get a autograph by him i probaly wouldnt be able to breath! I love Drake a lot i love all his songs,shows,and pictures! Plus one thing that makes me jelous is Nicki Minaj taking him away from me she is to pretty lol But i love my girl Nicki Minaj too i cant hate her for taking my man lol jk But i love drake so much i could keep going on and on about him and how i fall in love with him all the time when i see him in pictures…One thing that makes me smile seeing him before he started getting big in rapping and singing career i always wish i knew him before he even was on tv or singing and rapping…But once again i could go on and on about Drake and my feelings and love for him in every where….But all i can say is that i love him and his music and I love my boo AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM????

  • alexandrea

    Okay honestly Im not gonna sit here and say I love Drake. I don’t know him to love him, what I can say though is I LOVE his music he’s a great artist. He makes ppl wish they can be him. The way he raps and spits his flow is amazing he’s seriously one of a kind. He’s not only a great musical artist he happens to be an awesome actor. I love everything drake is in. what else I love about him is how well spoken he is, and How he presents himself!! he seems like every girls dream guy!!And just seems like a down to earth, honest, sweet, funny, good looking man. I’m so excited about seeing him in concert next month. I Was signed up with certain websites to get alerts about tour info. The day his “away from home” tour tickets went on sale I got my credit card out and bought ’em. I could not miss my chance of seein’ him. I would love to win this. I would cherish it. I hope you pick me. And who I think he should do a calbo with next would be Ne-yo they would make a great hit with drakes flow and ne-yo’s singing. Great

  • alexandrea

    P.s when I say I don’t know him I mean like in person. Sure i’ve read his biograpghy and found out about his personal life. Also watched youtube videos, but nooone honestly can be in love with him until they meet him and actually find out what kinda person he is for themselves. doesn’T mean I don’t deserve this. I’m not a little groupie , I’m honestly a BIG fan. I have all his music on iTunes that I actually bought and not ripped him off by gettin them from sites for free. I love how talented he is. He’s aammmaazzziiinnnnngggg!! And extremly GORGEOUS!!!ahhh seeing him makes me melt!!

  • MONA


  • Maryed Arrubla

    So basically, these girls may actually be drakes hardcore fanatics, BUT i can truely say that im in love with his music. as a matter of fact im going to his concert friday night. really looking forward to being a couple of feet away from him. Wont really write as much as the next one. but i must say, im a huge fan. He’s amazing all by hismelff.:]<3

  • monique

    I like drake but these girls seem alittle crazy he says he would not date a fan cuz they are to just be cool if you ever meet him.cunstructive critisism

  • Shannon

    Personally, Drake knows how to spit game when it come to colabrating music. His music speaks to his fans on whole different level. Music has stayed the same and artist have been laying down the same lyrical tracks talking about Eff this and lick on this B’s and H’s but Drake has taken it to another level. Now I’m not saying his music is perfect when it comes to this but it is different and enjoyable with some very catchy hooks. All I have to say is keep up the good work and we all hope to see more of your tracks in the near future. When it comes down to colabrating with another artist I think he should do a song with usher or Luda, they are both hot right now and I think a colabration with one of them would make a hot track. Much love from your fan base <333

  • Yarock

    Unlike most of the other fans here, I’m a guy.

    That being said, I think I appreciate Drake for reasons other than his voice and his charisma. He brings amazing lyrics to the table and delivers them with perfect control. Those of you who have tried to rap along to his songs in the car know how hard it is to go without catching a breath, but Drake’s skills are on a level where he can do that sort of thing consistently.

    I’m the biggest Drake fan, and i think he should collaborate with a Canadian artist next like Justin Beiber, Nickleback or Michael Buble on their next albums.

  • adriana carbajal

    Reason why i should win an Autographed Fader Cover by Drake is because im overly obssed with drake its insane . I have a dream of getting married to this guy . I knew really knew him untill lil wayne had present him on stage when he sanqed “everygirl” . I was told he was on some show called degrassi but i just never really knew . When i heard his song succesfull i totally fellll inlove with him . He raps so smooth and welll . He does everything 110% goooddd ass heell . SERIOUSELY when i fanilly saw his show called degrassi i couldnt imagen my eyes . when i had seen him perform on stage with lil wayne and eminem i seriousely started crying because of how happy i was for him . His working with one of the biqqest most famouse rappers on earth lil wayne and his young money crew . I dont know what would happen if he would die . His the next biq thinq . His going to make big bussness . His face is all over my wallls in my room . Meating him face to face hass beeen my Dream <3 He goes with the flow ' he handles his record carrer welll enough to succed everything his done in his life . If there's neone to beat him it'd be himself . I dont just like him because of his rappinq name drizzy drake ' i like him for who he is too and what he does ; i know so much about him you can seriousely ask me anything and everything . His the reasons for my smilee . My friends always telll me forget youu never gonna meat him ' but i neverrrrrrrrrrrr looose faith . I may live miles away but i feeell him so closee ' so close that sumtimes i feel like his right dur infront of me . And even when i see other people out in the street if i ever see sumone that looks just like him i SCREAM & when other gurls from down here claim to be theres i beetchhh . IMA HUGE FUCKEN fannn ; i cant even breathhh i rather perfer to sayy all ove this infront of his faceee ; i hope i wiin thhatt Autographed ' Because no one knows drizzy drake untill you meat me .

  • adriana carbajal

    &&&&&&&&&&& everyone in this world who is hatinqq on drake can seriousely kiss my ass because your less fans i gotta worrry aboutt :]

  • adriana carbajal


  • adriana carbajal


  • hey he need to choose me

  • Michelle Fortunato

    I am such a huge Drake fan because he is one of the realest and most talented rappers I have ever seen. He has this arrogance (in a good way) about him, that just makes him more appealing. I saw him in concert the other day and it just made me love him even more. He sounded even better in person, had amazing interaction with the crowd, and put on one hell of a show. He even showed up at the club for the after party. I was so star struck, I could barely move, and all I could do is stare up at him. But he does his thing. His lyrics definately mean something, they are not just a bunch of words that rhyme. He is an amazing talent and in my opinion will prove to be the best rapper ever.

  • alexandrea

    When do we find out who wins?

  • Dollie Jennings

    YEAHH, WHEN DO WE?????????????

  • Niamh and Ciara

    OMFG!!!! we love you drake…
    were sitting in school right now, don’t think were alloud on this website xD
    any way………

  • Adriana carbajal

    aight ima bout to snappp onn alll youuuusse ! HIS DEFF. ALL MYNE :]

  • Alexandrea

    Ha Adriana, he’s noones to claim!!first off if you wanna try to come at us, you may wanna learn to speak correct english and learn how to spell “youse”is not a word; and “MYNE” ??sweetie when u put his its supposed to be he’s. Second you probably haven’t even been close to meetin’ him.. Your guarented a little groupie who says there gonna marry him get real. Wake up from your dream little girl, this is reality.!!being a fan isn’t how OBESSED you are with them, after what you wrote, you sound like a damn stalker. And trust me nooone would want one of those!!please do us all a favor and grow up!!

    • abcgp,

      fuck you fucken retard ! i didnt ask for opinions i didnt ask for comments , mind your own fucken bussnesss — you dnt know me betch ! so why the hell is you talken all biq talk , your dummmm ! i speell/write hoow ever dha fuck i want ! idqaf if you like it or not , did i ask you if myne was a word ? and 0h ! i got four words for you , actsually i have been close to meatinq him ; i swear mayn ! you just needa shut dha fuck upp forreal ! Please do ME a fucken favor & shut up . By “us” you mean YOU most likely , mmkaay well i dont care — talk your shiiiiit ! lemme dooo whatever i want ! your little stupied comment wansent necessary ! HA , Alexandrea !

  • Donyela Alston

    I have loved Drake since Degrassi and nobody can’t tell me anything about him that would make me doubt any of his talent. I have and always will be his #1 fan. Stay real Drizzy Drake Rogers!!!!

  • Desiree


    • Girl fuuck u u such a motha ffuckn bitch I made dat same comment millions times befo n yo ——- had to still it but u no wut drake iz my hussband n u will not steal him

  • laury!

    i WUZ iNlOVE WiT dRAkE EVER SiNCE dEqRASSi. && i jUStt lOVE thEE WAy hE diD thiNqS ! thEN WEN i hEARd WUN Of hiS SONqS i WUZ lik : “WOW” ! hE qOt tAlENt . StAMPEd : AUbREy’S WifE . SInCE thEN ! && i AiNt ChANqiNq!

  • dang i live drake!!! he’s such a hottie!! i love ya drake!!! ????????

  • eman

    drake is the third best rapper alive the first 2 are gucci mane and last but not lease is lil wane

  • aaliyah

    I aaliyah am the BIGGEST drake fan because he’s just so great. Like he’s come sooo far from degrassi to taking over the rap game i just find that soo amazing. Like i listen to his sing the winner and over everyday there so motivational. and like he has the whole package he is just such a WINNER. he really changes the way rap has been definedd for the past years. I believe if you can come from being a little mixed boy from a canadian show to beginning one of the best rappers alive you’re pretty amazing. if i got to get a signed drake poster i would be SO EXCITED and happy. I love aubrey drake graham. and will be his number 1 fan besides his mom ’till its over. so please send me the poster. lol

  • Hands down Daddy Drake is the breath of fresh air needed in Hip Hop! I aint trying to be his biggest fan… Im already his number 1 fan!!!!!!! He should do a calbo with Mr. James Todd Smith aka LL Cool J. As one of the 1st G.O.A.T.’s who opened so many doors and set standard’s for hip hop on levels before his time. To join forces of the feature & mix in one of the OG Daddys, Now that would be priceless! Show them the next level of our hip hop culture Daddy Drake!!!

  • Seriously fuuuccckk every obsessive groupie asss trickk on this shiiitt – yall look mad patheic [ fyi i doo naaahhttt think thats what Drakes lookin’ forr , soo hop offf and falll the fuckkk backkkk! (: ] ; im not qonna write a 8733659303285 lonq comment on how much i love the sexiest and most talented man alive , i will meet him one day [ sense i qo to everyyy concert around me (: ] and i willl lets jus say he will find my lovee ;) aaaahhh I Loveeee Youuuu Aubrey Drake Graham sense day one – tilll forever afterrrr* muaaaaah :-*

  • Hello my name is Elise and im drakes biggest fan!!! no forreal….every since the first time i saw him on t.v i was in love! his acting skills was incredible and so was his rappin skills. In Maryland where i live now im known to be one of his livest fan there ever where!!!! when i had the opportunity to go to one of his concert in Baltimore at the pier six i went crazy and it was the best day of my life i cried my butt of and when he shouted me out in the crowd i almost fainted.. the way he rapps and sings is soo good and “SEXY”. my room is filled with ever poster out there of him and i admire his music Soo much i bought every mix tape and i listen to them everyday no matter how old the songs are.. i would do anything to meet drake in person he is my inspiration and im just lovin aubrey Graham to death!!! too me i dont care what no one says he is the best rapper alive in my book! I WILL NEVER STOP LOVIN HIM NO MATTER WHAT..


  • ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, how should i start well im not going to write an essay on why i should have this autographed drake fader magazine im just gonna say that every person that has commented are not possibly drakes number #1 fan you no why??… cause i am i am not gonna say i have been listening to drake forever because i havent i also havent watch degrassi but thats because they dont show it in london otherwise trust me, i would. I started listening to Drake since the beginning of 2009 and fell in love with him lyrically… and physically(lol!) the first song i heard was best i ever had the video made me crack up and so i listened to his mixtapes(e.g. room for improvement, comeback season, so far gone etc) if anyone needs a drake fact at my school they come to me some people even call me mrs.graham lol im going to one of his concerts in london when he comes im not gonna say drake is the best because he still has a lot to learn and ways to improve but for his age he is lyrically a genius i havent got posters of him all over my walls cos they dont sell posters and i have been tryin to find some online… SHIT THIS IS GETTING LONG anyway i am a die hard drake fan and i fully deserve that signed magazine xx hannah

  • You know, you know that I’m not going to write an essay for this but what I will do is express myself a little. I’m a big Drake fan, I think he’s the best artist out period. Nobody spits fire on every single track their on like him and at the same time rap about stuff that makes sense and sound articulate with it. I caught on to Drizzy a little late but when I did finally get a chance to check this guy out I was compulsively on every song. From So Far Gone to Thank Me Later the hits don’t stop and I would be very gratified to receive this autographed cover of Drake’s cover, courtesy of FADER.

  • Julia #TeamDrizzy

    Drake is the most Amazing person I’ve witnessed in my lifetime! I’m 13 but I believe I’m IN LOVE with him! He always makes me smile when I see pictures and I spazz out when someone mentions his name :) One time I even cried when I saw him perform on a video and I’m almost into tears now because I really have an obsession with him. I have his pictures all over my walls and on my screensavers, I even have 4 pictures of him on my school binder. Everyday my friends make fun of me because I always defend him no matter what people say. I’m always singing or rapping his songs and everyone gets annoyed with me. I have all of his qoutes and lyrics everywhere, and I always have his music playing somewhere wether its in my iPod or in my CD player. I love everything about him. I love his smile. I love his eyes. I love his nose. I love his ears. I even love his old Afro <3 His music always brings my spirits up and its inspires me to go through life living it up. One thing that he taught me is to just do your own thing and don't care what people say. He takes my breath away and leaves me with a wide-opened mouth blank expression. Everyday I check to see whats new and if you look on my computer It's filled up with Drake EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Bottom line I feel i deserve that Autographed Fader Cover signed by Drake. Why? Because not im not only 1 of his biggest fans but I'm THE FAN :) #TeamDrizzy <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Destinee

    i am drake number one fan i no every body said this but i mean it and i would do anything to get that and i love how drake writes his song they get to me every time and like omg i cant even explain they way that i am feeling it like wen i see him i am a hole different person and then if i see him perform i will start to cry i kno it might song silly but i dont care what anyone think i am going to do me like drake said in over and wen i am in hard times all i got to do is be like whaat would drake do and how would he do it because he is ma insperation like he is the youngest rapper doing it like omg he would never get old and i am like the kind of person who will never get over him and other ppl would find some new rapper and forget all about sexy drake but i will never do that i am going to love him for him and thats it i dont care about his music i just like him how he is . other ppl just like him as a rapper but he is more then that he is just like me and everybody else and that is important i mean i like his music very much but i like him more i am going to bye all of him cds clothes poster i am even going to draw a picture of him and take it with me everywhere i go and i wont for get it and he makes me think about how i want ma life and to live it to the fullest and dont let no one take that away

  • Kaajal

    I love drake BUT i reli want this for my best friend who is absolutely crazy over the mention of his name and i think it would be a perfect present for her 18th this april!! I think that drake should collaborate with a british artist! :)

  • Obv already given away.. unless youve got more copies! I am 30 – teenagers are certainly not his only market and love you keep your interior only dark shit!! ;)  Rhymes are clever and you sing! WHAT best of both worlds!!! I love Erykah Badu, and it would be sweet if your next callabo was with her!

  • Lakiracroswell

    hey i am 13 years old and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee drake i have watched every episode of him on degrassi. and i would love to win . i just love his music it is so calming and hype i know as much as their is to know about him i have never been to a concert of his and i really like to but its hard if i could just win this contest it will bring a lot of joy in my life love your #1 fan

  • Kikilicious

    Hey I Love Drake and his music.  His music really tell about my feelings!  I don’t know he is just so special ! and I’m so proud of him ;)