Drake’s Thank Me Later Listening Party In Toronto

Drake’s Thank Me Later Listening Party In Toronto


Last night in the city of Toronto Drake had a private listening session for his highly anticipated album Thank Me Later which is slated for stores June 15th. Drake pulled up in a chauffeured Heinz Maybach ( apparently a present from the label) around midnight to a crowd of waiting guest, family and crew. This went down at the swanky One Eleven Champagne bar owned by the homie CEO. This was an invite only type of event so people got there early to avoid any chaos. I was really surprised on how they managed to keep this all tight lipped. The city of Toronto would have went crazy if they only knew. We were told to keep everything under wraps and it kind of happened until some of us went to twitter, but it was already too late.

One Eleven is very dope and they really know how to treat their guest especially the celebrities that attend, so it only made sense for Drake to want to have his session there.

Drake rolled in and went straight to the turntables and started playing his tunes next to his DJ, Future The Prince. One Eleven hired a bunch of girls who were walking around scantly clad for our viewing pleasure. Ace of Spades and Cristal was flowing all night as usual.

Drake played every song on the album and mixed it in with some of his favorites songs from other artist. The crowd seemed very receptive to the tracks with Jay-Z, Swizz Beats and Jeezy. The album is sonically amazing especially in a club setting. When songs like Over and Find your love came on, the crowd felt it easy to sing a long and do the adlibs. I am kind of excited to see the response Drake is going to get from the general public. I started memorizing quotables already from some of the guest verses from Jeezy, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj. (Follow me on twitter to see those) Even though there were half naked girls walking around I could not help but to pay attention to the music and the Cristal. (lol)

After the album was finish playing, Drake exited the bar with his rumored girlfriend and leading lady Maliah. The minute the homie left the club about 50 girls followed, a very funny sight (you had to have been there).

Written by: Marcus Troy

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