Source: Win Tickets To See Drake At Bamboozle

Source: Win Tickets To See Drake At Bamboozle


Haven’t seen Drake in concert yet? Want a chance to see Aubrey Drake Graham live at the Meadowlands in New Jersey at Bamboozle? Here’s your chance! All you have to do is name Drizzy’s first mixtape and send it to Also performing at Bamboozle are Wale, Wiz Khalifa, MMGMT, Weezer, Kes$ha, and more. Good luck to all fans! Contest provided by The Source.

  • Lily

    I am absoutley crazy about drake and rightt now he is at the university of kentucky and i am just a few hours away and i am totallyy jealous! i literallyy listen to drake every single day and adore his music and of course him! I for real love him more then an other musician to come along i dont know what i would do if i didnt have his thank youu!! <3

    • Abcgp ,

      calmm downnnnnn , !!!!! i love him twooo <33 and i adore him twoo <33
      more the nebody could everr , l0l

  • stacia

    how can enter to win those tickets. Does anybody know? I really want to win them, but every time i click on the link…the link won’t work.

    • Abcgp ,

      yeaa iknnow same with me !!!

  • jaz

    New York in the house! I am also black and Jewish. My friend put me on to Drake cause of his race. I live in NY. You would think in this melting pot of a city I would have met other Black/Jews. I have met plenty of biracial people but none like me. It just makes me proud that I am not the only black/Jew out there. I don’t know if travel to NY often put everyone’s going to think your Spanish. I get that ALL THE TIME! I live and work in Manhattan. If you ever in the city you should hit me up. Just to connect with someone of the same ethnicity as me, nothing else, don’t want you to thinking I am some groupie. I am smart and educated. Keep doing your thing Drake.

  • Jewlessantana

    I cant win the lottery…..i cant win the greatest rapper of all time tickets………this is bull i am unlucky…..damn…I Still Love You Drake…..smfh story of my life………no lie no lie no lieeeahhh…..see u next time u in charlotte