Mavado Speaks On Shotta Role In Drake’s “Find My Love” Video

Mavado Speaks On Shotta Role In Drake’s “Find My Love” Video


Yes, “Find Your Love” is Drake’s 2nd single. Yes, it’s produced by Kanye West. Yes, it was shot in Kingston, Jamaica. And yes, the video stars dancehall artist Mavado.

Drizzy Drake and crew jumped on a Gulfstream G4 yesterday and jetted back from Kingston, Jamaica after wrapping up an epic three-day video shoot for “Find My Love,” a forthcoming single from his highly anticipated album Thank Me Later.

But while in the island of the sun, the Toronto-born actor/singer/MC didn’t waste the opportunity to link up with some hometown talent. Dancehall hitmaker Mavado was on set of the new Anthony Mandler-directed flick to play a major role.

“Drake loved the vibe, mi nah lie,” Mavado told VIBE. “We did our best to make sure everything was as comfortable and smooth as possible.”

While the Jamaica-born artist does not sing on “Find My Love,” in the video he portrays a top shotta who suspects that Drake may be messing with his woman—played by Houston-born model Maliah Michel.

The video production team staged scenes throughout Kingston, shooting a bikini-and-bonfire beach party at Port Royal, capturing club action inside The Building (a popular New Kingston hotspot better known by its former name, Asylum), and finally heading to Mavado’s birthplace, the garrison community of Cassava Piece, better known these days as The Gully Side.

“We goin’ all the way in with this one,” Mandler tweeted of the neighborhood where many fear to tread. But Drake had so much fun kicking it in Mavado’s “Gully” community that he hung out long after Mavado had turned in for the night.

“Even after mi lef’ Cassava Piece, Drake was still there!” Movado told VIBE. “It coming like ah dessoh him born and grow!”

The camaraderie between Aubrey Drake Graham, one of the most in-demand rappers on the planet, and David Constantine Brooks, one of the hottest dancehall artists in the game, has been developing for a while now. Back in late February, the two spent some time together at Gee Jam Studios in Port Antonio—the secluded soundlab where No Doubt worked on their hit album Rock Steady.

“We really planning on doing songs together,” Mavado stated in a YouTube interview, though he also made it clear he wasn’t about to rush the process. “Big up Drake,” Mavado added. “Drake ah me dog.”

Michel—Drizzy’s love interest in the video—was just as approving, describing the Young Money rapper as “a super sweetheart” via Twitter.

Her favorite take? “The bedroom scene (by far lmao) wink wink,” she tweeted.

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